It’s in The Plan

It’s been a busy month to stay the least over here. Busy and fun. I turned 43, my living room is nearly finished and I’m back to writing everyday again.


Now the month is over and it’s time to close out November and get ready for December and all the frivolity that only comes this time of the year. I’m not a huge Christmas fan, but I do like this time of year. I love it cause I like to look back at the following 11 months and see what I’ve accomplished and experienced, good and bad. I also love it because it’s the time of the year that I spend dreaming up my big dreams and goals for the year ahead.


Now it’s interesting that I didn’t always do that, plan. I have always been a sort of fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of gal, flitting from one project to another, one job to another or whatever. I guess I am a bit like a butterfly in that respect.


But anyway…..planning. I used to hate it. Now I can’t live with out planning.


Planning and setting goals is sooo important. I always thought that it was enough to have my goals and plans in my head. It wasn’t enough though because I never got shit done. I would accomplish some things, but other things would get forgotten and well….that’s no fun.


So that’s where I am at today. Planning my December. Working on a huge project at the time that involves creating a planner for 2016 that I can use throughout the year (and will eventually be selling), writing a book, and working on the house. It’s a beautiful thing and


It’s in the plan!

What’s in your plan today? Do you have one? How do you feel about planning and goal setting?


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Distractions and The Back Seat

Distractions and The Back Seat


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks here in the Dream Created Life universe. I haven’t been writing as much as I usually do. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. Maybe it’s because of my birthday. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy doing a ton of house improvements (my living room looks fabulous now, btw). Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy, distracted by other things. Either way, my life has busy.


I’m not in a funk, per se, just busy. Busy is good when things are getting done and they are getting done. Only my writing has taken a back seat to the rest of my life which maybe isn’t the best plan since I am a writer and well, if I don’t write then?


Writing is my passion and business. It’s time to get back to it!


Am I going to beat myself up for not writing?
Am I am going to feel bad and wallow in self pity cause I haven’t written much lately?




I’m not going to do any of that.


Sometimes my writing flows like a deluge. Other times not.


I accept both and give myself permission to take a break if needed. It’s healthy to take a break sometimes.


It’s time to move my writing out of the back seat. I’m going to schedule time into write everyday like I was before.


Then I’m going to write.


Hell, I am doing it right now! Yay!


So if you find your life has gotten really busy and you aren’t living your passion or doing the one thing that lights your heart on fire everyday, don’t beat yourself up. Just rededicate yourself to it. Carve out some time everyday and do it!



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Happy Birthday

Holy Shit!

I’m 43 today!

Woo hoo!


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Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the small things.


So I know I keep writing about my house, but I can’t help it cause it’s such a source wisdom lately! Yesterday, I learned something from it again.


A few weeks ago, we had a bit of a cold snap here in Albuquerque. Not cold like New England cold, but cold enough that I could see my breath when I exhaled while still in the house. Of course, my heater wasn’t turned on yet and well given the state of the house and the fact that my brother had installed the heater…well, let’s just say that I was wary about firing it up.


So I called one HVAC contractor who came out, took one look at the heater and after a bit of convincing, fired it up anyway. When the blower came on, the bloody thing started to make a banging noise so the tech shut it off and and told me that I needed an entire new heating system and ductwork to the tune of about 12k.


I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry since it seems like every time I turn around there is some other thing that needs to be fixed to replaced thanks to my brother.


Yes, those are coffee cans!


Of course, I did what I always do and decided to find the funny in the situation. I posted the above photo on my Facebook account last week on Halloween as a ha-ha check out my haunted horror of a heater complete with creepy coffee can vents.


Then I got a message.


From a friend that I went to middle school with.


He is an HVAC contractor and wondered if he could come look at my heater.


After hearing what I did from the other contractor, I was like, ‘YES, please do!!’


So he came over yesterday, took apart my heater and FIXED IT….yes…..fixed it..


And it didn’t need to be replaced yet!


It’s such a small thing to be happy about. A fixed heater….


But I am thankful.


Thankful that the Universe saw to it that my friend saw that post and that he was able to come over and fix it.


So that’s today’s lesson:


Celebrate the small things. No matter how small or insignificant they may seem.


We are surrounded by blessings everyday. Maybe to other people, they aren’t blessings, but fuck what those people say or think. If it matters to you, celebrate it. Be joyful for those little things that make your life good and happy. Be thankful for every single one of those blessings.


And celebrate the small things.


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How to Handle the Unexpected

How to Handle the Unexpected

I’ve been home a month and what a month it’s been. Between packing up and driving across the country, coming home to a mess of epic proportions, reconnecting with old friends and my family, it’s been somewhat overwhelming, but good.


Did everything happen as planned or how I expected them to go?




Some things went very splendidly and how I expected them to go. Some things…..not so much….


So how do we handle ourselves when things don’t always go our way or turn out the way we expected them to?


1. Let go of our expectation
2. Acknowledge the present
3. Remember to be thankful
4. Find the positive


First thing to do when things don’t go as expected is to let go of whatever expectation you had regarding the event or situation. Set it free. Forget about it. Ruminating on how it isn’t how you expected is just going to frustrate or upset you.


I had to practice this a lot last month when I moved. I knew my house needed work, but I was not expecting it to be as bad as it was. As a result, I had to let it go. Let go of my expectation.


Secondly, acknowledge what is really happening or happened and be in that moment. I know, sounds hokey, but it works.


When I moved back here to New Mexico to my house last month, I found that if I said ‘this is how it is’ when I walked around the house, it was much better for me than being upset that things were not how they had been before or how I had been expecting them to be when I moved back.


Thirdly, do not forget to be thankful! Yes, it’s easy to get disappointed when things don’t go our way or aren’t how we expect them to be, BUT we have to remember to be thankful for what they are right now. Look around your life or whatever situation you are in and be thankful for it. Things could be worse.


And finally, find the positive in the situation. So things didn’t go the way you wanted. Oh well…look around. What is good about what did happen?


For me with the house situation, my anchoring positive thought was ‘hey, at least I had a house to come back to! He didn’t burn it to the ground!’ ha ha….



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