Go With The Flow!

Go with the flow!

You ever feel like you are pushing and pulling in your life? Following systems, doing what others say you HAVE to do to achieve your dreams and have success? Are you trying to force something to happen your life or business?


Just stop. Stop what you are doing and go with the flow!



YOUR flow
YOUR rhythm!


Tune the others out and listen to your heart and find your own flow.


Lately I have been feeling very irritated.  Bugged. Annoyed.


When I get online and start working, I am fine as long as I stay off of social media meaning, I have to stay off of the internet.  When I get on social media, I get distracted and start reading other people’s shit. No matter where I go online, I see crap like this!


“Don’t stop! Don’t give up! Be yourself!  Stay plugged in!  Do the work!  Stop whining! Work until your fingers bleed! Give up everything and work work work!!  Ignore your life/family/friends! If you want to be successful, you have to [fill in the blank]”


And I am fucking sick of it!




Because if I wanted to work 18 hours a day, I would have stayed in the laboratory where I had to clock in and out everyday, be on call and give of myself all of the time even when I didn’t want to.




I left that life behind and the reason I choose to work from home and for myself is so that I don’t have to work 18 hours a day, 70 hours a week or more.


Just because I do not work all day, take a day off now and again and seek balance in my business and my life does not mean I am not dedicated or do not want to be successful.


I am dedicated.  Very dedicated to my writing. Very dedicated to helping others.


I work everyday and I do take time off . Now I don’t necessarily publish all that I write, but I am here, every day.


I strive to live a balanced and happy life, one in which my business is a part of, but not the ONLY thing I do.


So what’s with me getting so annoyed by the shit online that I keep reading and why in the hell do I keep reading it when it bothers me?


Because I let it and because I keep reading it like an idiot!




I am taking responsibility for my actions and feelings and getting annoyed by other people’s advice is my fault.
So today I am choosing something different!


Fuck what they have to say! Fuck what they are doing! Seriously!


I have my own flow, my own rhythm and I run my business and my life how I see fit.


Go with the flow….your flow…whatever it may be!








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Who’s Driving?

Who’s Driving?

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been on a mission. A mission to create, write, try new things, do more and be more me.


This journey, my journey, is no longer directed by others, but is being lead by my heart. My soul is on fire to share who I am, what I’ve learned and what I know about life, love, humor and all kinds of other wonderful things I’ve picked up along the travels of my life.


I will not hide who I am any longer behind the ‘shoulds, coulds and must do’ bullshit.


My sunshiny blinders are on and I’m back to creating and writing in a way that makes me feel good and happy and joyful. Everyday…every single freaking day!


How did I ever get to such a place?


I don’t know, but I am glad to be here.


Listen to your heart.


Let it do the driving for awhile!


So how do you even begin to do that?


For years, I wondered that myself. Listen to your heart and let it lead you.


But how?


I guess it begins by turning inward a bit and tuning out the cacophony of voices surrounding you. You start by listening first to the whispers of your soul that remind you of who you really are before the world around you herded you into what they thought you should be. You get quiet, and you listen…..


You remember all of the dreams you had as a kid. You know the ones. The ones that you openly shared with anyone who would listen back then.


Everyone believed you and encouraged you to dream back then because it was totally reasonable for a 5 year old to want to be the president, a movie star and an astronaut, ruling the country from outer space whilst making movies at the same time.


At some point, the encouragement stopped and your dreams, suddenly they were ‘unreasonable’, ‘crazy’ or ‘wild’. You were told to grow up and do something reasonable and safe with your life.


You stopped listening to your heart and began to listen to all of the peole around you who told you what you ‘should’ be doing because you had an aptitude for something. You quit trusting yourself and did what they said to do because they promised a life of comfort, safety and financial stability.


But you were never satisfied with that. You looked out the window while at work and wondered “Is this it? Is this my life? Am I always going to be in the office, hospital, laboratory for the rest of my life?” and it made you want to cry and run away.


Maybe it didn’t happen all at once, but eventually and slowly you started to remember all of the dreams you had as a kid. You became quiet and you listened and your heart opened up and reminded you of who you were before the world told you what you needed to be.


As you listened, you started to dream again and believe that there was more to living a life of obligation and expectation. You trusted yourself more and began to shed the chains of the prison you created for yourself by doing what they told you to do because it was ‘safe’.


Eventually after some time of listening, you decided to truly break free because the pain of the role that you took because others told you to became too much to bear and you couldn’t live one more day doing things that you did not like or enjoy.


You drew a line in the sand….


You listened to your heart and let it guide you on your new journey, taking on a new part of your own creation, filled with joy and happiness and heaps of laughter.


The life that you used to have no longer exists for you now.


You’ve become soul driven with a purpose. An awesome fabulous purpose!


And you will not quit or give up on your dreams anymore.


Or try to be someone or something you aren’t.


Those days are long gone


Because you listen to your heart now.

It does the driving.


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No More Bullshit, No More Excuses

No More Bullshit
No More Excuses

So I took the month of December pretty much off because well….I felt like it! Yeah…I felt like it so I took it off and worked pretty much offline for the whole month cause it’s in my big overall plan to be able to do that: take off for weeks at a time




Why in the fuck would I do that when every one around me online was promoting and creating like crazy?


Well, it’s because I am me. I am not them.


I love going full throttle, really cranking out books and posts and whatever. I have fun doing it too….




I also like taking time off. Like days on end to do whatever I want to do.


I believe in balance and living my life according to how I see fit.


It’s kind of like that if everyone is jumping off the bridge, do you need to jump off the bridge too?


Hell no!!


You don’t and neither do I!


So December is one of those months for me when I crave alone time. It’s cold and I sleep more.


Years ago I wrote in my planner that one of my dreams was to take off for the month of December …


So I did it and will continue to do so, every year.


Anyway…I missed working and writing. I did some writing in my offline journal and I started creating a planner. Something that suits me and keeps me on track when I don’t know what to do next.


I also released a new ecourse, What Are You Worth?, a course about discovering the key between self-worth and income. I’m so stinking excited about this course. It starts on January 18th so I am pre-selling it right now for only ELEVEN DOLLARS US! You don’t want to miss it!

wyw 9


And next week I am going to be launching my coaching programs so stay tuned!


Tis the week of no more bullshit, no more excuses!


Stay tuned for more fabulous courses and who the hell knows what else.


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New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year! I’m back from my most awesome and most needed holiday, back at work, writing and creating again.


I’d first like to say good bye to 2015.


So GOOD BYE 2015
What a completely awesome and crazy year! So much happened in my life both professionally and personally. I’m amazed at how quickly the year went by. Some of it was great and some of it not so much. No matter what though, it was a good year. I look back on it today and am very proud of what I accomplished.


Here are some of the highlights from my year:


Launched 4 websites
Wrote and published a book on Amazon
Wrote two e-courses
Decluttered, packed and moved from Boston to Albuquerque with five cats
Reconnected with some old friends
Made some new friends

What Are Your Highlights From 2015? What are you most proud of and happy for?


So, now I’m saying good bye to last year and hello to this year.


It’s a new year and a new beginning. I’ve got serious plans to take all that I’ve learned from last year, apply it and learn more, do more and be more. Yeah, this girl is not messing around this year at all.


I’ve been writing out what my big goals are and breaking them down. I’ve got a schedule figured out and I’m back to creating and writing some new fantastic and fun programs and a book. Very soon, I’m also going to be opening up spots for my coaching program which I am super excited about. I’m also going to be launching a few new websites, one for my mother, the artist.


It’s going to be an awesome new year!!


So what are you planning for 2016?



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