Three Rolls Royce and A Penis! AKA What I Attracted to My Life Today

Three Rolls Royce  and a Penis…

Otherwise known as “What I attracted into my life today”…


I didn’t write that (but damn I wish I did!).   My friend, Karen Strunks, did.  I guess she was out and about in London and at some point during her day there were three Rolls Royce cars and a penis.  I was not there so I can only use my imagination and let it go a little wild, all in my head, mind you.


First thing I did was  I laughed and then realized that holy shit, the Law of Attraction IS definitely working for you, Karen! Ha ha.  I told her that I felt that she should write a blog and use that as the headline cause it sure as shit got my attention.  (I cannot stop laughing at this:  Three Rolls Royce and Penis…if I finish this blog, it will be a miracle)



Like how totally amazing, entertaining, beautiful and shocking.



You have left your house. You are walking to get coffee or to buy groceries.  It’s just another ordinary day in your life.  While you are strolling down the street, you look up and on the road you see three very amazing beautiful luxury Rolls Royce cars.  They slow down, stop at the light and continue on their way. They are beautiful and they take your breath away.  As a result, you imagine that you are not on the street watching the Rolls pull away, but you are in the Rolls that is rumbling down the road.


You think to yourself  “I will have one of those one day …or better.”


After watching the Rolls Royce pass you on the road, you are reminded of your big dream.   Maybe the Rolls Royce in some way represents some part of the big dream you want for you life.   You know the dream.  The one that you never told anyone.  The one that you have kept to yourself for years.


You close your eyes. You feel good, happy, yet you are not driving in the Rolls (not yet anyway). When you finally open your eyes again and start to focus,  your attention is drawn to a guy on the either the same side or the other side of the road.


So now what is it your are seeing?  Your eyes focus and refocus and then you realize in a bit of shock.  You wonder if  your eyes may be deceiving you.  Could it really be?  Maybe you shake your head in disbelief and look away quickly only to look back again because it could not have been…  I mean, really? Finally you accept the truth.


You have just been staring at a strangers penis.  An uninvited penis. In public.


Holy fuck! LOOK away! Snicker, snort, and….to quote Monty Python, “Run away!  Run away!”  ha ha ha…


What a fabulous scene this would make in a movie.




I do not know why the Universe does this to us and honestly, I don’t need to know why.


I cannot imagine for one moment that my friend Karen woke up and said to herself, “I’d really like to attract three Rolls Royce and a Penis into my life today.” Knowing Karen, she was probably just out and about, getting coffee, doing a bit of shopping.. and voila! There they were and could not be ignored.


The Universe does that to us.  It brings things into our lives that maybe we don’t even know that we want. Sometimes it likes to shock us out of comfort and familiarity, forcing us to look.  When this happens, it’s a good time to evaluate our lives and dreams.


No matter how the Universe sends us these messages,  because it does and will without fail, it also totally does what we tell it to, be it consciously or subconsciously.   It’s always listening, creating and guiding us.  We can’t see it or hear it ,but it’s always there, silently nudging us towards our dreams and desires, like the three Rolls Royce and a penis!


For example, when I was writing my e-course, Color Your Dream, every fucking where I went I saw rainbows and color. Fucking rainbows, everywhere.  I saw them in the grocery store.  I saw them when I drove to the grocery store.  When I went online, I saw rainbows.  They were bloody everywhere.  Rainbows.  Splashes of color. I love rainbows so this was awesome, but they were freaking everywhere.  I could not escape the rainbows.


When I first started seeing all of these rainbows, I thought it could be a coincidence.  Freaking rainbows. Every where. Rainbows.


But it wasn’t a coincidence.   The Universe was definitely sending me a very clear message of love and support for what I was working on.


So when we think that something is a coincidence, it’s not.


When something happens to us that we just were not expecting yet maybe deep down we totally did want it (and maybe it was subconscious), it’s not a coincidence.


When we are walking about, and the Universe bringing up the lights a little bit and lets us know that what we want is totally within our reach, it’s not a coincidence.


All day, everyday we are sending out messages to the Universe with our thoughts and emotions.  When we dare to dream and hold those dreams in our minds, we are telling the Universe exactly what we want. The best part of this story is we can have what we want for our lives and we can live the life our dreams.


All we need to do is nurture our dreams and desires.  Coax them out of our minds and hearts and let them take flight.  Just like those Rolls Royce and penis, when we let our dreams out of the shadows and let them have their moment in the sun, we are consciously creating our future.  The kind of futures where we can have everything that we want and we get to live our dreams.


So dare to dream! Pay attention to what the Universe is sending you throughout the day.  It’s messages might not be as blatant as three Rolls Royce and a penis, but it is sending you a message.  🙂  If you open your eyes, you will be sure not to miss it!


And remember, your dreams are never out of reach!


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