5 AM Dream Created Life

It’s 5 AM.  5 AM on a Sunday morning and I should probably be in bed, sleeping in.  I’m not however.  I’m awake, well rested and felt like writing a blog so I’m writing.  I love that.

I’ll probably take a nap later after I’ve gone out and run some errands. Who knows.  It’s nice though, to have this kind of freedom.  The freedom to do what I want when I want.  Living like this IS a Dream created life.

I remember a time when getting up or being up this early in the morning meant rushing around after being forced awake by an alarm.  I’d be rushed around, showering, getting ready, hunting for car keys, grabbing something to do for breakfast before hitting the road to go to work.

I do not miss those days.

Now getting up this early means spending that extra time in bed to just lie there warm and cosy,  or spending time petting and cuddling with the cats.  Other times it’s means spending an hour or longer picking out and cooking breakfast.  Most days it means getting up and getting to work which for me is writing and there is no rush, no panic.  Just me and my freedom.

It is a dream created life.


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