Get Off Your Ass and Adjust Your Sails

We cannot control the wind, but we can adjust our sails. 

~ Dolly Parton

I don’t know why that quote is on my mind today, but it is so I had to write about it.


So exactly what does it mean?


For me, it means that you cannot control things outside of yourself. Oh, you can try. You can try with all of your might, but you just can’t control everything.


For the obvious, there is the wind (duh) and the weather, the color of the sky, traffic lights, prices of stuff and what not.  For the non-obvious, there is people.  Other people.  How they behave.  What they do. How they treat us. Another non-obvious thing would be stuff that just happens…like you wreck your car, you win the lottery, you get a summons to appear in court, your lover proposes to you and a variety of other things that happen.


The point is that we are really only in control of ourselves. We cannot control the wind.


So how do we cope?  What do we do when something from outside of us disrupts our lives?


We adjust our sails.


We live and cope and thrive by adjusting our fucking sails.


Act!  Don’t react….Act!  Get into action and …..


Get Off Your Ass and Adjust Your Fucking Sails!


It’s up to you to pilot your boat and your life.  Not me.  Not your wife or your husband.  Not your kids. Not your parents. Not your boss. Not your landlord. Not anyone.




When life throws you a gale wind and torrential rains, you have to adjust your sails. 


When it’s perfectly sunny and there is no wind, you have to adjust your sails.


My life threw me one hell of a storm earlier this week. The kind of storm that capsizes boats and people drown and die. I could see it on the horizon for months, and I adjusted my sails and got into action to flee that storm.  Sadly, my efforts just weren’t enough and my happy little boat of joy and happiness was rocked and tossed from side-to-side by that ugly storm. It was beyond scary….


But I didn’t just sit there and wait for my boat to flip and sink.


I got out there and I adjusted my sails.  Hell, I am still adjusting them now even though I’ve made it to some really calm water for the time being though it’s still pouring rain.   I am still adjusting my sails and probably will be for a while.


And that’s ok.


Life isn’t always sunshine and smooth sailing. Life can be like a breeze or a gale. No matter what though, you’ve always got to adjust your sails!


Thanks for reading!  I’ve gotta go adjust my sails again!


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