Always Try New Things

Today I woke up thinking about all the crazy and fun stuff I used  to do as a kid during the summer time.  Summer was the best with no exceptions because it was a time to try new things, live large and eat heaps of Otterpops while chilling out at the pool.

Amongst those memories are the ones from camp. Summer camp was the best. I remember going to two summer camps every year from the time I was in 5th grade until 8th grade.  My favorite was band camp. I know, go ahead and laugh, band camp.  Yes, I was (and still am) that variety of nerd and I wear it proudly.

Anyway…some of my best memories of summer come from that camp.  From staying in the beehive on bunkbeds in sleeping bags to the cold showers, the shady food and rehearsals all day, it was heaven.

One of the things they would let you do at the camp I went to for a week is try out an instrument different than your own.  I loved this and one summer I chose to take up the saxophone.  I had no idea how to play it, but I loved the way it sounded and I was eager to learn.  From figuring out how to use the hard, rubber mouthpiece and reed to  all of the new finger placements, I seriously did my best to figure out how to make lovely tunes and notes like John Coltrane.  For a flute and piano player, it was a huge challenge, but I gave it all I got.

After a few days, it was apparent that I should stick to the flute and piano as I never did get the hang of that sax.  I sure had fun trying though!

I think we should treat our lives like that.  Always trying new things, living large and eating otter pops.

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