Are You an Empath too?

Today the Vietnam Veteran’s of America is coming to pick up the last of the boxes and bags of stuff that I have cleaned out and decluttered from the condo.  They are sitting in a tower in front of the house awaiting the start of a new journey and life.  Soon, very soon, they will be gone.


The Great Decluttering Project of 2015 is over.


Cleaning out the house like I have been the last few weeks has stirred up a lot of energy both external and internal.  While I move stuff around, sort and pack it up, the feeling in the house became very unsettled and murky. As a result and because I am an empath, I have been feeling physically and emotionally unsettled.  Yesterday was one of those days. After purging how I felt through my writing, I’ve woken up today with a sense of peace and calm.


And that’s how it goes.


When we stir up the things around us, we may not realize it, but we are actually stirring up energy..both negative and positive. Old memories of when we bought something or who we were with when we bought it can come up.  Sometimes those memories are good happy memories, sometimes they are sad or bittersweet memories.  The point is though, that we have to raise our awareness to what is going on beyond the physical moving of objects and things.


We cannot control those energies that come up when we shift things around in our life and home, but we can control how we react to them.  We can choose to let them affect us or not.  Sometimes there is so much energy that we become overwhelmed and frustrated or angry very much like I was yesterday.   Maybe we become tired and lethargic as a result of the abundance of energy.


Being an empath, I am extremely sensitive to outside energies from both people and things.  I don’t like crowds for that reason and if I have to be in a group of more than 10 people for an extended amount of time, I have to take mini-breaks away from the group so I can cope and not get overwhelmed.  When it comes to things, I can actually feel the energies from the things especially if they are something that I have bought and brought home, so moving them around always stirs up some sort of emotional response for me.


Are you an empath too?


If you are an empath, you have probably been called ‘sensitive’ or ‘over sensitive’ at some point in your life.  I surely was.  When you are around large groups of people, you probably can feel the emotions of others.


For example, have you ever been to a party and walked in feeling great only to suddenly start feeling bad or angry or sad? If that’s happened to you, you’re probably an empath.


Another example is being able to tell what sort of mood someone is in when they walk in a room.  I had a boss who as soon as she stepped through the door, I could tell if she was feeling good and happy or angry and bad that day.  Didn’t matter if she was smiling or pretending to be in a good mood, I could tell otherwise.


Another thing about being an empath is you need time alone from people.  Not a lot of time, but time alone to be in silence to recharge and purge the  emotions of others.  When I used to work in sales all day, I used to come home and not answer my phone.  Some of my friends thought I was being rude and avoiding them, but I really wasn’t.  I needed that quiet time alone to recharge.


So are you an empath too?

6 thoughts on “Are You an Empath too?

  1. Oh yes, I understand where you are coming from 100%! I’ve been called ‘overly sensitive’ all my life, it wasn’t until I became an adult and came to learn what being an empath really was that I started embracing it and learning how to look deeper into my own feelings / mind / emotions, etc. Writing certainly does play a part in my dealing with the murk, so does music!

    • Yes, we empaths get called over sensitive. I always thought there was something wrong with me until I realized how powerful and useful being an empath is. It’s like having a superpower 🙂

  2. I definitely have empathetic qualities. But this year I have specifically been working on raising my vibration. I try to make a conscious effort to be above negative emotions. It’s really helped a lot 🙂

  3. Hi! I am a very sensitive person, for sure, and so is my 7-year-old daughter. It’s not always easy, but I’m glad we’re that way! I’m enjoying your articles, Tobi!


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