A Beauty and Love Filled Day

beautiful day

Today is one of those amazing beautiful days here in New England.  The sun is shining, there aren’t any clouds in the sky and the temperature is just right, not too hot nor too cold. I was looking out one of my windows out towards the little creek that runs behind my house, and I saw a young deer drinking from the stream.  It was beautiful. I love days like this because I can open the windows and let the lovely cool breeze flow into the house. It’s a beauty and loved filled day.

beauty and love filled day
A beauty and loved filled day as seen from my back door

I’m working on a new manuscript, putting the finishing touches on it so I can get it out to you, my dear readers.  I love writing and this new book, I’ve written it from my heart about something that I am so passionate about.  I’m excited to finish it because I am excited to publish it so it can help people.

It’s a funny thing, being a writer. I love being a writer. I never knew how much I loved writing until I made the decision to become.  It was a choice and one that I am really glad I made. I’ve always been a writer in my heart, but I never pursued it because I had chosen a particular career path that didn’t support or include being creative or writing.

Now that I’ve left that career behind and since I’ve started practicing the Law of Attraction and made the decision to be a writer, I get to pursue it with relentless fervor, passion and love. I now wake up in the morning with a fire in my heart and a joy for my life that I’ve never had before.  I hope that everyone gets to feel that way when they wake up in the morning and set out to do whatever it is they are going to do.

So with that said, my manuscript is calling. I hope you all have a beautiful, passion and love filled day!