No More Bullshit, No More Excuses

No More Bullshit
No More Excuses

So I took the month of December pretty much off because well….I felt like it! Yeah…I felt like it so I took it off and worked pretty much offline for the whole month cause it’s in my big overall plan to be able to do that: take off for weeks at a time


Why in the fuck would I do that when every one around me online was promoting and creating like crazy?

Well, it’s because I am me. I am not them.

I love going full throttle, really cranking out books and posts and whatever. I have fun doing it too….


I also like taking time off. Like days on end to do whatever I want to do.

I believe in balance and living my life according to how I see fit.

It’s kind of like that if everyone is jumping off the bridge, do you need to jump off the bridge too?

Hell no!!

You don’t and neither do I!

So December is one of those months for me when I crave alone time. It’s cold and I sleep more.

Years ago I wrote in my planner that one of my dreams was to take off for the month of December …

So I did it and will continue to do so, every year.

Anyway…I missed working and writing. I did some writing in my offline journal and I started creating a planner. Something that suits me and keeps me on track when I don’t know what to do next.

Tis the week of no more bullshit, no more excuses!

Stay tuned for more fabulous courses and who the hell knows what else.


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