How to Handle Your Runaway Emotions

Have you ever had your emotions runaway from you?  One day, everything is fine and you’re feeling great and then boom!  Suddenly its like WTF just happened? Now I feel ….ugh….

Seriously, WTF just happened?

Here’s the deal: When something upsets us and if you’re like me and you’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction, it’s very easy to want to try to shove or banish those types of emotions away. You can’t though and let me explain why.

So the past few weeks have been a gentle reminder for me to feel all my emotions. Usually I feel good about everything in my life and I run around in a state of joy and happiness no matter what the situation.

Last week was not the case. My boyfriend and I found ourselves in a situation which was completely out of our control. See, normally money just magically appears in his bank account at the end of his pay period. It’s been like that for months and well, that’s what happens.

Well he switched jobs and the new one didn’t offer direct deposit, but rather a pay card where his money would be on payday. Now we didn’t think anything about this at all at the time because we assumed (don’t make assumptions) it would be easy for him to transfer the funds to his bank account on payday.

Boy were we wrong. Turns out transferring money or even getting the money off the card ended up being a veritable nightmare. I won’t go into details here, but it was bad.  Really terrible.

Some things are out of our control

Now, during this whole event, I started to feel really angry not just at the company who was holding his money hostage, but the company he works for.  One day last week I was so nauseous that I couldn’t even eat. Another day I had a migraine.

I sometimes have a really hard time expressing how I feel when I’m angry or upset. I don’t like to bring down anyone by sharing these emotions with anyone. As a result of holding back,  I was starting to manifest physical symptoms that were bringing me to my knees.

It wasn’t until earlier this week I realized what was going on and decided to do something about it.

So here’s the deal when you have low vibrating emotions such as anger, fear, and frustration,(aka the runaways.)

How to Handle Your Runaway Emotions

Feel Them!

Shake your fists, cry, or talk to someone such as a friend.  Don’t stuff them away and try to be happy when you’re clearly not!

Express them!

Find a way to express your emotions in a way which isn’t destructive or harmful to yourself or others. Write them down or write a letter to the thing that’s really upset you.  Sometimes I  sit down and write out everything that’s pissed me off about the situation or I write a letter to it. Then I burn the letter.


Yeah, the less woo-woo guru is advocating meditation, but it’s not what you think. If you can take one minute during any sort of emotional episode and reconnect with yourself by just sitting down, closing you eyes and breathing deeply for about a minute, you’ll amazingly feel better.

Know That They Will Pass.

Our feelings are like the tide in a constant state of ebb and flow. Be patient and let them do just that, flow through you like a river. I always find this concept very comforting to me .

Find Five Good Things

Look around in your environment or life and find five good things, right now no matter what you are feeling. If you can do that, you’ll instantly raise your vibration and possibly feel better.


Of all the things on the list, finding five good things is my fave. I love it so much that I’ve written an upcoming book about it because it has single-handedly changed my life so much.  If you’d like to learn more about the book and get a free copy when it comes out, SIGN UP BELOW for my mailing list.

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Where is Your Zen?

Has Your Zen Gone Missing?


I’ve just not been feeling the Zen lately. Yeah, I said it. My woo-woo zen happy-go-lucky spirit has left the building.


See, before I moved back to New Mexico, I was feeling the zen. And the woo-woo. My life was calm, happy and I was able to really get into my creative flow pretty much at will everyday and it was awesome.


Then I moved back to New Mexico. Back into the house that I’ve owned for 10 years. Back to the town I grew up in.


Now, moving, yes, it’s a huge change.


But there is more to my story than just moving across the country.


See, my brother had been living in my house for the past 4 years. Whilst he was living here, he decided that in his methamphetamine induced brilliance to ‘redecorate’ eg. destroy what I had already fixed up and/or sell/give away a bunch of my stuff and ruin whatever he got his hands on. He also let many of his so-called friends live here as well they did whatever they wanted to.


So when I arrived back just a few weeks ago, some of his friends were still living in the house or they had left things behind. Basically, I came home to a huge mess of epic proportions. To say I was upset would be an understatement.


And well, being constantly upset and angry like that, it’s somewhat taken my zen. I didn’t sleep well for the first week back in the house because my brother’s friends kept stopping by at all hours of the night and day. I’m not kidding about that. One of them came by at 4 am. He’s lucky I didn’t shoot him.


Also, it’s been very hard to find the zen when I look around and see all of the shit that I have to fix now as a result of my brother. From holes in the walls and doors, broken windows, gouged floors, broken trim and what not, I see these things and it makes me instantly angry. I’d like to kick my brother’s ass to be honest.


So where is the zen in that? There isn’t any zen in that.


Now before I left MA, I had all of these plans in my head for my writing and business, but since getting back, I’ve been struggling to even do a bit of writing because it comes out sooo angry and laced with venom. How dare I call myself a Law of Attraction coach or self-help guru zen writer when I am filled with angry and negative thoughts?


Basically, my writing and creative flow has been diminished since I got back. At this point, I have to change what I am doing so I can get my zen back cause I don’t like living like I have been.


So here’s my plan to get my woo-woo Zen back:


1. Have a Morning routine
2. Daily Meditation
3. Daily Tapping
4. Forgiveness


Have a Morning Routine

All a morning routine is what you do when you first wake up in the morning. It’s important because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. When you get up and do things that you love and are important to you, you feel better and therefore, have a better day overall. I didn’t realize how important and grounding a morning routine had on my life until it wasn’t there anymore as a result of moving.


See, before moving, I’d get up, do some yoga stretches, drink my tea, and get started writing. Since moving back, I haven’t had a morning routine at all cause things have been so fucked up. It’s time to get back to having a morning routine.


Daily Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in lotus position for hours on end. Meditation is just a bit of time that you take out of your day to sit, be calm and breathe. You can use a guided meditation or not. It’s your choice.


Before moving, I was meditating 5 minutes before I would write something creative. It’s time for me to add this back into my life.


Daily Tapping

Tapping is another great way to help calm ourselves down and find our zen. Basically, you tap on meridian points on your face and head while making statements about shit that is bothering you. There are tons of videos on Youtube to help you get started. Brad Yates is my favorite.  Here’s one of his fabulous videos to get your started tapping.


Again, tapping was something that I was doing nearly every day before I moved and needs to get added back to my daily morning routine.



This is a biggy, but is so important. Practicing forgiveness everyday to people who have harmed or hurt us, frees us from negativity and anger. To do this everyday, you just say either outloud or in your mind, “I forgive you” when they pop into your head. With a bit of time, you’ll find your heart is lighter and your zen will return.


I’ve not been doing this at all which is probably why I’ve been so full of resentment and anger lately. It’s time to get rid of that shit once and for all so forgiveness is going to be added to my daily morning practice.


So if you’re not feeling the woo-woo zen like me, try the techniques I’ve listed above. Life is too short to live it in anger and resentment.


Now go find your zen!


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What I Know Right Now

What I Know Right Now


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in my dream created life. Between moving ¾ away across the United States and reclaiming my house after my meth-head brother’s 4 year tenure of destruction, I swear that I am still waiting to land and figure out what is really going on.


Here’s what I do know right here and right now.


1. Gratitude must be practiced everyday. No exceptions.
2. Humor must also be practiced everyday.
3. Never deny your emotions.
4. Remember that destruction comes before creation.

Last week, I was on my way back to New Mexico from Massachusetts. I drove about 2300 miles alone with 5 cats across 9 states. When I finally got back to my home, I finally faced down what was one of my worst fears in the past few months: my brother had destroyed most of my things and a considerable amount my home, a home that I’ve owned for 10 years as of August of this year. He also had 3-5 people living here and some of their stuff was and is still here even as I sit here writing this at 3 am on Monday morning. I’m living out of a duffle bag and have yet to really settle in yet. I’m getting there though.  Day-by-day, little-by-little, my life back here in New Mexico is starting to stabilize.


I’ve ran through just about every single emotion that exists as a result. Sadness, anger, confusion, happiness, joy….you name an emotion and I’ve experienced it in the past week.


So… I am today and I have this to share.


Gratitude. Practice it EVERY DAY!

Throughout this whole experience, I’ve made it a point to find at least 5 things that I am thankful for everyday. Some days, it’s been a challenge, but I’ve done it regardless of what emotion I’ve been feeling at the time. No exceptions.


Humor. Find the Funny.

No matter what the situation, find some shit to laugh at and and again, practice this everyday.


Just as with gratitude, find the funny. Make a joke. Remember to laugh with your whole heart and body cause it feels good. I’ve somehow been able to find a ton of funny shit to laugh at everyday despite the fact that so much of my stuff has either been destroyed, sold or who even knows what happened to it.


Let Your Feelings Flow.

Never ever ever deny what you are feeling. Ever.


Get those emotions out. If you need to be angry for a moment, be angry. Feeling down or sad, feel sad. Cry if you need to. Yell and hit pillows (or demo a bathroom like I did yesterday with my dad) when no one is around if you are feeling angry. Let that shit out, but don’t let it consume you.

Remember that destruction comes before creation.

Before you can let new stuff into your life, there has to be a tearing down of the old stuff, no matter what that means to you. Right now in my life, destruction has become quite literal, but in the best way. I am in the process of tearing down what my brother destroyed to make room for new and better stuff. Yesterday, I had the wonderful pleasure of taking a sledgehammer and a crowbar to one of the bathrooms. I forgot how much I love demolition.


So that’s what I know right now:

Destruction before Creation








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A Kali Kind of Mood

I’m in a Kali kind of mood today.


I spent part of the morning writing and then I took a break to clean out several more bins and organize them for the big move west at the end of September.  While sorting out a bunch of crap, I found all of these old bills and what not that I have no plan on keeping, but when I found them, I had no idea what to do with them.  Miraculously, my shredder appeared and the party was on!


Shred those fuckers and make your own packing material for your move!


I swear that I heard Kali whispering in my ear at the time.


So who is Kali and why should you care about her?


Well, she’s a Hindu Goddess.  The Goddess of Empowerment, Time, Black night, destruction and creation. She’s Shiva’s lover and consort. Want to learn more about her? Well, let me introduce you to my friend  W.I. Kipedia.  He’s my best friend when I want to learn about shit.


Anyway…Kali is one of those goddesses. Super powerful, strong and not to be fucked with. She also destroys and creates shit.  You gotta love that!!


That’s the kind of mood I am in today.  A total Kali mood that’s both destructive and creative. I also don’t want to be fucked with today. I destroyed my old bills and created packing material for the move.  Somehow, this act has become symbolic for what’s going on right now in my life. I’ve been tearing down my old life here in Massachusetts one box and bin at a time in preparation for a new life that awaits me back in New Mexico.


Do I have it all planned out?


But I have a plan


Now, I swear that Kali is sitting somewhere in her goddess realm completely proud of me for what I’ve been accomplishing the last few weeks.


Before creation there must be destruction.  An ending of the old ways. A clearing out of the past, physical, mental and emotional.


We’ve been taught to fear change when we really shouldn’t.  Change is a good thing.  Sometimes we have to destroy the old to make room for the new.


If you find yourself afraid of change, just sit with it a while.


What is it that you really fear?

Is it the actual change?

Maybe that you fear how people will react to the change you made.

Do you feel that if you change, maybe you will lose some crucial part of who you are? Your identity on some level?


While I’ve been cleaning, I’ve been discovering that part of me was afraid that by giving away things from my past, that I would be dishonoring the memories of the fabulous, albeit somewhat crazy life I have led,  and therefore myself. Like I needed to keep these things around me to remind me who I am, what I’ve done and where I’ve been..


And then I realized that it wasn’t true.


I am still me with or without those things. Still whole, still beautiful, still amazing, still funny and still crazy..


The things are just things.  They are not me…..


Just as your things are not you.  You are you!


And you are fabulous and amazing and wonderful too!


You don’t need things to be who you are or to remember the life you’ve led. You just need you.


So find your Kali and let her help you if you feel afraid of changing your life for the better by destroying the old to let in room for the new!



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Oh The Horror! On Friends and Frenemies

Oh the horror!


I’ve recently just discovered that someone I have known for years has unfriended and blocked me on social media! Of course, this was after I told her a few weeks ago that I don’t consider her a friend and haven’t for a while.


OK what?


Woo hoo….Rejoice and be happy!




Because this person obviously isn’t and hasn’t been much of a friend or part of my life for a long time.


And then I saw what had really happened here.


In the spirit of all of this decluttering and cleaning that I have been doing recently, I have been realizing a few things about some of my past friendships and people I used to consider friends. People that once upon a time, I liked and cared about. People that I used to look up to.


Over the past few years, I have had to walk away from several of them because on my quest to be myself, unfiltered, unapologetic, wonderful and beautiful self, I have found that many of them had not been acting like friends should in my opinion. In fact, I would have to say that many of these so-called friends did not act much like friends at all. They were behaving as frenemies.


You know what I’m talking about.  We’ve all had frenemies of one kind or another.  They are the ones who pretend to be your friends, but really couldn’t give a fucking fuck about you, your life, your business or pretty much anything about you.  They call and connect when it’s convenient.  They will hang up on you accidentally and not call back for weeks. They only talk about themselves and whatever is going on with them.  When you need them or call them, they are like a fart in the wind, gone in an instant.


I, of course, kept trying to keep the friendships with these frenemies going even though I didn’t like many of them.


I know, I know. Sounds crazy, but it’s what I used to do. Hold on for dear life to these people and hope that in the future, they would start acting like the people that I wanted them to be or as they had been in the past.


Dammit! What a waste of my time…..


But that was then, this is now….


My filter is gone, my give-a-fuck meter is broken


And I refuse to settle for frenemies.


So what’s the lesson here?


You can’t change people. You can’t hope and wish and pray that they will change into who you want them to be like. You either accept them as is or move on. I’m choosing move on more and more these days. Call it the Great Culling of Fake Friends and Frenemies.


It’s ok to want to be treated with love and kindness and be surrounded by people who support you and think you are a fabulous.


You don’t have to stay friends with anyone that doesn’t make you feel good or makes you feel bad or treats you badly (this goes for romantic relationships too)


It’s ok to walk away and leave failed friendships behind, either with or without a confrontation. It’s your life and you deserve to be happy and feel good


It’s ok to be a little sad when one of them walks away or you walk away. Just don’t ruminate on it and go find some new friends.


You are wonderful and special and your friends should treat you as such.


Don’t settle for fake friends or frenemies.


You deserve only the best in life and friends!



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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys


So here’s what happened to me yesterday.  I’ve been talking to many moving companies because I am sure as shit not driving some big assed truck with five cats and towing my cart 2300 miles.  I am  strong independent woman, but I do have my limits and this is one of them.


Anyway, one of the salesmen I talked to was this really nice guy.  You know how sometimes when you talk to some salesmen it’s like, ugh….get me off the phone like now….but then there are the ones that are so friendly and helpful and you like them (more on that later) so you want to hire them. Well anyway….over a period of a week, I called him with questions about my move.


Now, one of the times I called him, he picked up the phone and had been yelling at someone.  I was really in shock and a bit concerned for the guy.  I wondered who he was yelling at.  Maybe his co-worker  (I’ve actually done that and had a customer hear me so it would not surprise me)  Maybe the dog or the cat.  Maybe the postman.


We chatted briefly and then hung up.  Of course I was wondering what the fuck was going on because I hate to hear when people are yelling, upset or angry.


So the next day he calls me back to apologize for what had happened.  Then he proceeds to tell me all about his wife.  His wife doesn’t trust him because she’s had other men in her past that were not nice to her.  I understand this as well having been in some bad relationships. I tell him that it’s not him she is mad at, but the other men and herself for making bad choices. While on the phone, I listened and prayed for both of them (Hey, pagans can pray!).  I don’t like to hear of anyone being sad or feeling lousy or any of that, so I prayed.


And I figured that was the end of that, or so I thought.  I hadn’t heard from him in over a week and since I haven’t hired my moving company yet, I had no reason to talk to him or any of the other salesmen.


Well it wasn’t the end of it.  Sunday I received a weird text from an unknown number.  I ignored it.  Yesterday I got another text from the same number demanding to know if I am Tobi.  I responded with a yes, who are you?  Now….her response was so-and-so’s wife. “Do you have anything you’d like to tell me?”


My response was “What are you talking about? Nice to meet you!” Now I don’t know this woman or her husband, but obviously she made some sort of odd connection and assumed that I am up to something devious that involves her husband.


Anyway…to make a long story short, when this started to happen, I called him to let him know his wife was texting me and that I did not appreciate it.  Well, they were in the middle of a screaming match when he picked up.  I even offered to talk to her to let her know that I am just a potential customer and that I have no interest in her man.


OYE….was I not prepared for what happened when she picked up.  No shit, this is what she said:


“I don’t know who the fuck you are or what the fuck you are trying to do with my husband, but you better not ever fucking call this number again, ever.  Do you hear me? You better leave my fucking husband alone or I will….”


Then it thankfully cut out.


Now, of course what she said completely freaked me out and I was taken aback a bit, but then it made me realize something.


I am not responsible for her or her feelings.  Whatever is going on with her and her husband, it’s not my business.  I feel bad for her on some level cause I have felt and behaved nearly as she did yesterday, screaming and yelling because she assumes there is something hinky going on with her husband and me. The truth does not matter.


But…really, she is not my problem.


The Polish have a saying. 

“Not my circus, Not my monkeys”


I think that applies beautifully to this situation, don’t you?


I can only control my own behavior and emotions.


So the takeaway from this…

YOU are responsible for you.

Not other people.

Even if you want to be and try to be

Even if they yell at you and you want to fix it.

Even if they are friendly and nice and kind.

You are not responsible for them.

Or their emotions

Or their behavior.

Just you.

and your emotions

and your behaviors.

Have a beautiful day with your own circus and monkeys  😉










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Get That Hamster Off the Wheel!

Get that hamster off the wheel!


I’ve got so much on my mind lately that it’s hard to keep up. I don’t know who gave that hamster in my brain super powers, but I wish they hadn’t.


Anyway…This is how it goes.  My mind.  My thoughts. The hamster who’s all supercharged. (Fear, worry, anxiety maybe?)


My mind is riddled and scrambled and racing, and  I’m thinking of all of these things all at once in no particular order:

You have an inspection today. What do you think she’s going to do?

Or find?

Will she be nice or rude or happy or mean?

What will you do?

Did you clean the house up enough? What will she think of that?

What if she judges you?  Will she make a funny face and purse her lips like a mean old lady?

Or stare at you with scorn and disgust?

Maybe she will think you are a loser because you are home and not at a traditional job.

What are you going to do when she leaves?

Are you going to work?

Write a blog?

Read something new and do some research?

Update your websites?

Maybe you should pick up the house.

Finish the de-cluttering project and really clean.

Cause you’re moving in September? Or maybe October?

Don’t you wonder what your house in New Mexico will be like since your brother has been living in it?

Your dad says it’s trashed.

Do you wonder what that means?

How trashed could it be?

Worse than when you bought it?

And why the fuck won’t he just get out of it?  Him and his roommate.

Why don’t they just leave especially since they trashed the house and don’t pay rent.

And don’t forget about next Monday.  You have an appointment. Maybe it’s on Tuesday.

You better check the paperwork again and write it down on a post-it, put it in your phone and calendar.

Did you check your sales?

Maybe you need to update your sales page….and write another one and ?



I wish my mind would fucking shut up already, calm down and be at peace!


Sound familiar, anyone?

Does your mind ever race and turn and burn and doesn’t want to stop?


You know, if you believe or have practiced the Law of Attraction, you realize that your thoughts are things so you better be mindful of them.  I try to stay very conscious of my thoughts and when they get away from me like they are this morning, I have to do something to reel them in, comfort them and slow them down.

One of the things that I know for sure today is that I absolutely need to do some sort of meditation.  I am going to take  at least 5 minutes today (probably after the inspector leaves) and meditate. I will sit, quietly here at my desk, listening to one of my guided meditations and to coax that hamster in my mind off of her wheel.


I know you are thinking, c’mon Tobi, does that shit really work?


Yes, it does.  You have to commit to it and do it, but it absolutely works.  You don’t have to sit in Lotus position and chant Om while staring at a candle or guru.  You can sit quietly anywhere like at your desk or on your couch.  You can use a meditation track or listen to music, something that calms and soothes your soul. You don’t have to meditate for hours on end, but just for a few minutes.


You gotta meditate with a way that works for you.


Let me share a story from my past.


I used to go to these meditation classes years ago cause I wanted to try it.  Now, in the class, we would sit on the floor and get into Lotus position or sit with our legs crossed.  You could sit on a pillow or not. Most people there didn’t and I wanted to be like them, so I didn’t use my cushion.  Then the leader started talking us into the meditation while some really funky sitar music played.  Now I love the sitar, but in this particular situation, it was not relaxing for me.  Being in Lotus position wasn’t relaxing for me either.


So the whole time at this class, I was sitting and trying to calm my mind, clear my mind and  reach enlightenment, but it just wasn’t happening. I could not find my zen or calm. At some point, my back started to twitch. My legs went numb. I got a headache.  I never really felt relaxed or found nirvana.  We sat for one hour. I remember feeling really disappointed and feeling as if I was a failure at meditation because I had such an unpleasant experience. When I left the class (never to return),  I figured I needed to be something else in order to do meditation like the pros. I also didn’t start practicing meditation again until recently.


So here’s my take on meditation today even after having my previous experience. Meditation just means to to spend time in quiet thought for religious purposes or relaxation. You don’t have to be in a funky position or sitting for hours. You don’t have to sit on the floor. You don’t have to chant.  You don’t have to listen to funky sitar music (unless you really dig funky sitar music and it calms your soul).


So, try it…  Do some meditation with me and we’ll call our crazy mind hamsters even if it’s just for 5 minutes today (or 2 or 20 or 60)  Whatever works for you.


Talk to you soon! I’m off to do my meditation and get that hamster off of her wheel.











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Get Off Your Ass and Adjust Your Sails

We cannot control the wind, but we can adjust our sails. 

~ Dolly Parton

I don’t know why that quote is on my mind today, but it is so I had to write about it.


So exactly what does it mean?


For me, it means that you cannot control things outside of yourself. Oh, you can try. You can try with all of your might, but you just can’t control everything.


For the obvious, there is the wind (duh) and the weather, the color of the sky, traffic lights, prices of stuff and what not.  For the non-obvious, there is people.  Other people.  How they behave.  What they do. How they treat us. Another non-obvious thing would be stuff that just happens…like you wreck your car, you win the lottery, you get a summons to appear in court, your lover proposes to you and a variety of other things that happen.


The point is that we are really only in control of ourselves. We cannot control the wind.


So how do we cope?  What do we do when something from outside of us disrupts our lives?


We adjust our sails.


We live and cope and thrive by adjusting our fucking sails.


Act!  Don’t react….Act!  Get into action and …..


Get Off Your Ass and Adjust Your Fucking Sails!


It’s up to you to pilot your boat and your life.  Not me.  Not your wife or your husband.  Not your kids. Not your parents. Not your boss. Not your landlord. Not anyone.




When life throws you a gale wind and torrential rains, you have to adjust your sails. 


When it’s perfectly sunny and there is no wind, you have to adjust your sails.


My life threw me one hell of a storm earlier this week. The kind of storm that capsizes boats and people drown and die. I could see it on the horizon for months, and I adjusted my sails and got into action to flee that storm.  Sadly, my efforts just weren’t enough and my happy little boat of joy and happiness was rocked and tossed from side-to-side by that ugly storm. It was beyond scary….


But I didn’t just sit there and wait for my boat to flip and sink.


I got out there and I adjusted my sails.  Hell, I am still adjusting them now even though I’ve made it to some really calm water for the time being though it’s still pouring rain.   I am still adjusting my sails and probably will be for a while.


And that’s ok.


Life isn’t always sunshine and smooth sailing. Life can be like a breeze or a gale. No matter what though, you’ve always got to adjust your sails!


Thanks for reading!  I’ve gotta go adjust my sails again!










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A Mother’s Touch: An Interview with Priscilla Davis

Have you ever had a massage?  If you haven’t, I highly suggest getting one at least once in your life.  It is by far one of the best ways to release tension, relax your muscles and overall, they make you feel oh soo good!  Lucky for me, I know a few fabulous massage therapists.

One of them is my dear friend, Priscilla Davis who is the owner and creator of A Mother’s Touch Massage therapy.  Lucky for me, she was kind enough to talk to me about what she does in her business to help women, especially mothers, relax and feel good.   Let’s hear what Priscilla has to say!

A Mother’s Touch Massage Therapy with Priscilla Davis

What is A Mother’s Touch Massage Therapy?

A Mother’s Touch Massage Therapy is a temporary sanctuary for moms and caregivers. It’s a place where moms can come and tend to themselves for a while, recharge their batteries, and go back to their mommy duties, rested, renergized, and relieved of stress.

Pris, Dav-54Pri Da 201411

What is your background?

I’m a Certified Massage Therapist now but, once upon a time I had a lot of different jobs in retail, customer service, and the medical field. At the time I felt so lost but now, I look back and see how it all came together to help me grow this passion of mine into a heart-centered business.

What inspired you to create A Mother’s Touch Massage Therapy?

I’m a mom myself and my little one happens to have Down syndrome. I often get asked if it’s hard being her mom. And my answer is,”Yes. Its hard being ANYBODY’S mom.” I know what is being implied, but truth be told, I am her mom, and I don’t know any different. So, that being said, I had to take her to Physical and Occupational Therapy a few times a week. We were a young family, struggling financially. Mostly getting around on the bus. So, life, in general, was hard. I knew I wanted a better life for my family but I didn’t want to drift from job to job anymore. I also didn’t want to get locked into a career that I wouldn’t be happy in. Massage was always an interest and I finally went for it. I had no idea it would be such a passion for me. As a student, I started to receive massages regularly and was amazed at the difference it was making in me. It changed me from the outside in and inside out. I was relieved of stress, I was more pleasant to be around. I had more energy and more clarity. The mommy fog was lifted! And I was a better mommy, wife, and most importantly a better ME. When I figured that out, I wanted to spread the word to other moms. I wanted them to know that taking care of ourselves doesn’t take away from our families like we think. It actually allows us to give more of who we really are. Not a zombie version of ourselves, dragging our feet from errand to errand and going through life on autopilot. We could actually ENJOY our lives again!

Emma & I Polaroid transparentWho is your ideal client?

My ideal client is any woman, who is tired of putting herself on the back burner. My ideal client is ready to take care of herself and take the steps necessary to feel her best. My ideal client understands that filling her well is necessary to fill those of the people she cares for.

What do you hope your clients get from A Mother’s Touch Massage Therapy?

I hope my clients find themselves again. I hope my clients find healing like I did. I hope they have a better quality of life.

What kind of massages do you offer?

I offer the traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage but most of my clients love my signature style. My technique is very intuitive and is often a perfect marriage of relaxation and deep tissue work sprinkled with other modalities like myofascial release and Neuroproprioceptor Facilitation (NPC). Each massage session is unique to each client’s needs.



Where can my readers find you?

You can find me at my website A Mother’s Touch Massage and I’m on most major Social Media platforms.  On Facebook, I am at A Mother’s Touch and Instagram  at A Mothers Touch Massage.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

I love sharing special offers for people on my VIP list. I am currently working on a Risk-Free Massage EXCLUSIVELY for first time clients who sign up on the VIP list. I’m still working out the details but you’ll know as soon as it ready when you’re on the VIP list. You can sign up for the VIP list HERE.

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