Free Book Week!

Free Book Week is Here!

I’m so flipping excited right now. My publisher and I just re-released my book “Break the Bank” and in celebration of it, I’m offering it free over on Amazon for a limited time only!

Woo hoo hoo!

So why should you read it? 

Well because it’ll help you get free from some of those shit money beliefs you might have like

“Money is evil”

“Rich people are born lucky”


Maybe you cringe when you have to deal with money or pay bills.

Yeah…I so know the feeling which is why I wrote this book.  I used to cringe when I had to look at my bank account.  Paying bills used to feel like torture. Pretty much anything to do with money used to make my butt twitch in the worst way…

But then I learned  a few things and decided they were so valuable, I put them in a book.

You can break free from your limiting money beliefs!

You can love money no matter how much money you have right now.

Anyway…..I’m not going to super pitch it here cause over on Amazon there’s a pretty lengthy description. (Feel free to check it out, there’s even a free sample to read if you’re unsure!)

BUT I did want to make this little announcement here today.

Break the Bank is free on Amazon!

All you gotta do is head on over to Amazon and hit the buy button and it’s all yours.



Click here or the picture to get your free copy!


How To Break Free From Your Past

Yesterday was Memorial Day here in the United States. It’s a day when we look back over our past and remember all of the brave service men and women who died serving in the US military to protect the freedoms we all enjoy. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for these people because without them, things would be vastly different.

Anyway, Memorial Day always makes me think about the past, both my past and the past of all the people who have somehow made it into my life for a time or two. I’ve sometimes felt trapped by my past, but along the way, I learned how to be free from it.

How to Break Free From Your Past

If you believe The Law of Attraction is real and is always working whether you realize it or not, you can conceivably say that you have attracted every single person who has come into your life, both the good and the bad. Maybe some of these people have stayed around for years. Maybe some of them have only been around for just a little while.

The point is you attracted them because you needed them and they you and the Universe brought you together. There are no coincidences.

When I used to look back, I’d wonder why certain types of people kept showing up. Some were the most demeaning and toxic friendships or relationships I have ever been in. Back then, I’d do my damnedest to try to understand why and I never could figure it out. That was until I learned about the Law of Attraction.

With my new knowledge, I realize that it was me and my core beliefs at the time about who I am and what I deserved in a friendship or relationship which attracted them.

See, back in the day I had very low self esteem and self worth. I felt I didn’t deserve to have nice friends or a good boyfriend because I didn’t value myself much. As a result, I ended up in some very bad relationships with people who did not treat me well. Sadly, when these types of toxic people would show up, I would do everything I could to keep the friendship or relationship going because  I didn’t believe I deserved better.

Seriously, it was messed up!

Deep down in my heart though, I knew I deserved better friends and relationships and thankfully I was able to escape most of these entanglements without much damage to my self worth and self esteem.

So how does this relate to the Law of Attraction?

How You Feel About Yourself Will Attract People Into Your Life Who Will Confirm Those Beliefs

If you believe you deserve to be surrounded by people who love you and what the best for you at the highest level, then you will be.  If you believe you are worthy of a healthy relationship, the Universe will bring you just that; Someone you can have a healthy relationship with.

If you believe you aren’t worthy and you feel bad about yourself, the Universe will bring you people who just confirm that belief for you. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

You ever meet someone who’s been in relationship after relationship with the same sort of man or woman? They just keep attracting the same sort of person again and again and then they wonder why.

I had a friend once who seemed to attract nothing but drug addicts, alcoholics and abusers. I used to shake my head back then, but now I understand what was going on. My friend had no self worth whatsoever and would lament and whine about how she was ‘never good enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, etc…’ to attract a decent man. Her belief in what she was attracted people, men especially, who would just confirm and strengthen her beliefs about herself.

What can we learn here?

Everyone is Worthy

First thing I want everyone to learn is that they are worthy of healthy relationships. Everyone deserves to have a cadre of friends who love and support them.  When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. I mean you too!

Forgive Yourself

Secondly, if you’ve made some bad choices in friends or relationships, forgive yourself. You can’t change your past. Today is a new day to change your beliefs about yourself and what you want. Don’t beat yourself up about the past.

Limit Time Spent With Toxic People

I’d love to say end all of your bad relationships now which is sometimes easier said than done. What you can do, however, is limit your time with them. As you strengthen your beliefs in yourself and raise your self esteem and self worth, you’ll find many of your toxic relationships will naturally resolve themselves. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

Believe in Yourself

Always believe in yourself. You are worthy. You deserve good things and people in your life. If you struggle with this, it’s ok. We all have moments of self doubt. It will pass.


PS  Recently,  I started a community over on Facebook for my new book, “What’s Your Five?“. It’s a sacred space for us to share what’s we’re thankful for everyday to raise our vibrations and activate the Law of Attraction.

If you’d like to be part of of this amazing community, click the photo below to go to the group and JOIN!

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Happy Birthday

Holy Shit!

I’m 43 today!

Woo hoo!


So in honor of my birthday and I’m celebrating and I’m crazy….


I’m offering BOTH of my current programs for just that!



For the super awesome price of Forty-three US dollars, you get


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Cause I was born on the 4th, you can pick up this bundle for 4 days and 4 days only!


Happy Happy Birthday to me and to you too!!


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Stop the World…I Want to Get On

Stop the world…..I want to get on!! 

~ Leo Bloom, The Producers


Last night, The Producers by Mel Brooks was on TV. Now most of you don’t know this about me, but I’m a huge fan of Mel Brooks.  Like Epic. Huge. Fan.  His film History of the World Part I  is one of my Top 5 Favorites of all time ever in the history of the world (as I know it).


Anyway….I’ve seen both the Broadway musical production and the film of The Producers and last night,  I had absolutely no plans to watch it, yet when I turned on my tv last night, it was playing and because it’s Mel Brooks…. (see aforementioned paragraph… ha ha!)


Now as I was sitting there enjoying the film like I always do cause it’s Mel Brooks and  um…..anyway, one scene  just struck me: Leo Bloom totally flees  from Max after being offered the chance to produce a musical with him.  The scene is so funny and yet so sad because he runs away back to his safe, comfortable, boring, unhappy and crappy job as an accountant. When Leo gets back to his job, he sits down and tries so desperately to get into his normal groove…..but he can’t.  He simply cannot concentrate on his job since he met Max.


He starts to day dream and doodle in his ledger.


He so obviously doesn’t want to be there.


He wants to be a producer.  He doesn’t know what to do.


So he’s been offered an opportunity, the opportunity of his dreams,  to be a Broadway producer, but…OMG….how can he leave his safe life and role and become what he’s always wanted to become?


Well, after a really fabulous musical number with lots of dancing and hilarity, Leo makes this declaration at the end..


He says….


Stop the world….I want to get on!!!


He wants to get on.  He doesn’t want to step off the world and escape.


He wants to get on….


It’s such a great scene  and Matthew Broderick is hilarious as Leo Bloom, the mild mannered, sweet, kind, accountant with big dreams and big fears (sound familiar, anyone?…..) If you haven’t seen the film or musical, I suggest you check it out..( Jon Lovitz as his boss in this particular scene is fucking priceless….5 seconds of screentime and …bwhahah, I’m laughing now just thinking about it. I swear, all it takes is one eyebrow.  bwhahahah…)…I sort of lost myself there thinking about how funny this movie is!



What can this fun and humorous movie teach us?


Well one, our lives are a choice.


Everyday.  No matter where we are. No matter what we are doing.  No matter what we are surrounded by, we have choices to make.

Every Day.






Do we run like Leo did when someone offers us the opportunity to live our dream?


Do we say no when we really want to say yes?


Do we say something like “Maybe” or “I’ll think about it” or “I’ll get back to you.”


Or do we say YES!!!


And then say to ourselves,


OMG, what did I just agree to do?


What in the fuck did I just get myself into?


And two, how do we handle the onslaught of emotions and feelings that bombard and hit us like a title wave us after we’ve made our choice and said yes or no?


Do we feel regret or sadness if we’ve said no?

Do we feel happy or exhilarated and happy if we’ve said yes?

Do we beat ourselves up internally  if we’ve said no?

Do we feel sick to our stomachs and feel lost after we’ve said yes?


What happens next?  What do we do?  Who do we turn to no matter what decision we’ve made?


I can’t answer those questions for you. Only you can answer those questions…



I will say this, whatever your ‘gut’ reaction is when you are faced with a choice, your gut is probably right.



It may feel weird, or awkward or uncomfortable.  It may feel awesome and good and happy and joyful.


No matter what you are feeling when you make that choice, everyday, it’s perfect.


Your feelings are perfect.


You are perfect.


Your feelings are you and you are amazing.


Your body, your mind, your spirit. They are you and they are amazing…


and believe it or not, they are guiding you and giving you feedback in realtime.


So don’t ignore them.


Stop the world and get on…or stop the world and get off.


The choice is yours.






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Save Your Time Biz Solutions: An Interview with Patricia Talavera

People like my next interviewee make me so jealous sometimes because they make building websites look sooo easy!  I just love that.  My friend Patricia Talavera is both an artist and computer wiz and a while ago, she honored me with an interview about her business, Save Your Time Business Solutions, building custom websites for people which are both beautiful and reasonably priced.


Hi Patricia!  Can you tell me a little bit about what Save Your Time Biz Solutions can do for people?


Save Your Time Biz Solutions helps other women entrepreneurs play in their zone of genius by them allowing us to play in ours: web design. We help them get out there in a really BIG way online and they finally have the time to do the type of work that they love.


What is your background?

My background is in psychology, I actually have a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. It seems kind of random that I’m in computers now but not really because my father was a computer geek and raised me to love them too.

What inspired you to create Save Your Time Biz Solutions?

My sister and I started our company, BCB Staffing LLC in 2010, because we realized that no matter how much we loved our work, we wouldn’t be happy in a traditional job. It always meant working harder for someone else and constantly having to put our families (and sometimes our sanity) on the back burner. So we decided to create our own opportunities and start a business helping women entrepreneurs.


Save Your Time Biz Solutions was created two years ago when my business partner and I went to a retreat and realized that we just needed a new slate. Our vision was to take over the tech stuff for women biz owners so that they can focus on their zone of genius.


What do you offer your clients?  What can they expect from you?

We help our clients step up and be seen, by creating an online space that they can actually be excited to share.  We offer them the chance to focus on the things they do best, while we take the time to understand their vision and how we can translate it into an awesome website that will catch a prospect’s eye and leaves them wanting to know more.


Our clients can expect to be an integral part of the process, after all it’s their site, they should be a part of making it come to life. They can also expect that we’re here every step of the way, even after we hit publish (because let’s face it sometimes the biggest issues happen after you’ve decided everything is good to go). There’s no such thing as a stupid question, after all this is our zone of genius not yours so it’s expected that there are some things you don’t know.

Click Image to Visit Site

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is a woman entrepreneur who has her business model intact. She knows what type of clients she works with and already has a client base she loves. So far she’s been taking a DIY approach to her website, now she’s ready to hand it off so she can focus on the things in her business that she actually loves to do.


What make Save Your Time Biz Solutions unique in comparison to other similar businesses?

We believe in quality over quantity. We believe in putting our families first. We believe in working with clients who we love and who love us back…hopefully equally…if not a little more. Because we’re mom business owners. So we get what that’s like, enough said.


What is your best customer story?

Last year we connected with a small business owner who had been having a rough time and was on the verge of closing her business. We created a whole new identity for her, with a brand new logo and a new website to show her off as the professional that she is. As a part of her rebrand we also created brand new graphics for her to use on her social media profiles, so that she would have a consistent brand. A year later, her business is thriving with sales that have increased 1000% and a recent launch into direct sales.


Click Image to Visit Site

Do you have a newsletter or other way you keep in touch with your customer base?

Yes, we have an e-zine that we send out, pretty regularly. We also recently launched our Entrepreneur INSYT interview series, which features all the fabulous women entrepreneurs we’ve met on our journey. The interviews are shared on our blog weekly.


How can my readers find you?

You can find us on the web at Save Your Time Business Solutions.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

One of the things I love about working for myself, is that I can make decisions based on what feels right to me. Recently my biz partner and I decided we wanted to use our company to give back so we decided to launch our passion project, Operation SYT Launch, which provides low cost starter websites to anyone who is affiliated with the military. If you know someone who might be interested, they can find out more at

Listen to Your Heart

Listen to your heart.  What a cliche!  It’s even a song title and lyric!  And anyway..who does that?

The older I get, the more I realize how important listening to your heart is.

Listen to your heart.

You’re probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. I wonder about it too, but since I’ve started listening to my heart, purposely seeking out things that make me feel good, inspire and motivate me, life seems to be easier, more joyful and pleasant.

Listening to your heart means paying attention and raising awareness to what you feel when you are thinking about doing something or when you are doing something, anything really. It’s that little voice in your head that tells you to go ahead and move forward and continue with something.  It’s that feeling you get in your gut that you can’t always explain when you find yourself faced with a challenge or in a situation.

When we are engaged and working on things or around people that make us feel good, it’s that feeling of joy and happiness that we experience. The opposite is true too like when we are doing something or surrounded by people that do not make us feel good or happy.

Listening to your heart is all about paying attention.  It’s like tuning in to your own personal radio station that’s set to a frequency that belongs to you, and you alone.  It’s an energy, a force that we all have.  It comes from within us and is always ever present.  Sadly, most of us have been taught not to tune in or to listen to it.

I never used to listen to my heart in the past. I was brought up not to trust it because someone always knew what was best for me.  How dare I think or believe that I might know what’s best for me.

For the past few years, I’ve been learning to listen to my heart.  Lately, it’s the only thing I listen to and as a result, my life is calmer, happier and more joyful. I find that the more I listen to my heart, the brighter the world looks and feels.  I find that I am attracting so many amazing things to my life like a course to help my business.  I am also finding myself surrounded by people who not only make me feel good and inspire me, but who are also on the same path as me.

So listen to your heart. It will not let you down.