Distractions and The Back Seat

Distractions and The Back Seat


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks here in the Dream Created Life universe. I haven’t been writing as much as I usually do. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. Maybe it’s because of my birthday. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy doing a ton of house improvements (my living room looks fabulous now, btw). Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy, distracted by other things. Either way, my life has busy.


I’m not in a funk, per se, just busy. Busy is good when things are getting done and they are getting done. Only my writing has taken a back seat to the rest of my life which maybe isn’t the best plan since I am a writer and well, if I don’t write then?


Writing is my passion and business. It’s time to get back to it!


Am I going to beat myself up for not writing?
Am I am going to feel bad and wallow in self pity cause I haven’t written much lately?




I’m not going to do any of that.


Sometimes my writing flows like a deluge. Other times not.


I accept both and give myself permission to take a break if needed. It’s healthy to take a break sometimes.


It’s time to move my writing out of the back seat. I’m going to schedule time into write everyday like I was before.


Then I’m going to write.


Hell, I am doing it right now! Yay!


So if you find your life has gotten really busy and you aren’t living your passion or doing the one thing that lights your heart on fire everyday, don’t beat yourself up. Just rededicate yourself to it. Carve out some time everyday and do it!



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