Break The Bank!

Break The Bank!

How to Free Yourself From Negative Money Beliefs and Fears!


Do you cringe when you think about money?

Do you feel stuck or frozen when it comes to a financial issue, decision or discussion?
Are you tired of feeling like you never have enough money?

Are you get frustrated with your current money situation, but don’t know how to change it?

Does you feel that your bank balance dictates your possibilities in life?

When you check your bank account, do you feel happy or sad?


Do you sometimes have thoughts like this?

Money is Evil
Money makes people greedy
There never is enough money
Money is to be feared
Money harms people


Having these thoughts and fears is the norm these days as most of us have been conditioned to fear money.

But it’s not true!!


Get this:

You don’t have to live in fear of money any more!


Now imagine living like this:

You have no fear about money
Money makes you feel happy
Your income starts increasing every month
You have more than enough money to pay your bills
You walk into a bank and feel joy, not fear
You check your bank account and not cringe when you see the balance
You pay your bills with happiness instead of resentment.
You open your heart to receiving and making more money


So why should you listen to me about money?


Well, I’ve always been able to bring money into my life even when I did not have a steady paycheck.


You’re probably asking how I did that


I simply changed my relationship to and beliefs about money and I can show you how to as well.


See over the years, I learned that money is not something to be feared though I too had been brought up to be afraid of it and that there never was enough money. I struggled with my finances and used to suffer anxiety when I had to open and pay bills or go into a bank.  I thought there was something wrong with  me until I learned that it was not the bank or the money itself that was causing me to feel so icky, but my BELIEFS about money.


I realized that it was my limiting beliefs about money that were holding me back from increasing my income and keeping me in fear of money so I started questioning those beliefs and changed them. Now I do not fear money  and my income has increased.


Now wouldn’t you love to?

1. Break past money beliefs and create new ones
2. Have increased peace and gratitude for money
3. Have increased confidence about money and spending
4. Budget and track your income and expenses with joy
5. Lose bill opening phobia
6. Get daily positive money affirmations in you email everyday
7. Begin to hit your personal money goals
8. Get heaps of love and support from me


So Let’s Break the Bank

A 30 day money mindset e-course designed to help you increase your awareness, bust your limiting money beliefs, and heal your personal money story.


Included in the course

30 daily lessons delivered to your email
A fun finances tracking worksheet
Other worksheets to help break your money beliefs
Membership to an exclusive Break the Bank FaceBook group
Support from me!

Only $30.00!