Finding Joy

Finding Joy


I know I keep talking about all this cleaning and packing I’m doing because it’s at the forefront of my life right now and takes up a good portion of my day as a result. I kept telling myself that I would stop writing about it, but I just can’t.


And I also said I would take a day off today from the decluttering, but I just couldn’t help myself on that front either.  I’m still cleaning and decluttering.  I think I might be getting addicted to it…. ha ha…


Truth is,  I’m tired of all this sorting and packing, but it has to get done so I’m doing it.


Which brings me to the subject of joy.  Finding joy.  Living with happiness.


Joy and happiness can be found everyday if you just lift your head up and look around.  Seriously, look around.

Did someone smile at you today?

Have you finished a  project?

Were you inspired by someone you know or a book or a movie?

Did you listen to some music that makes your heart sing and soothes your soul?

What makes you joyful and happy? 


Here’s an exercise that can help you find the joy and happiness in your life even though it may seem like there isn’t any and you are caught in a shit storm of sadness, anger or unhappiness.


Take 5 minutes and write down everything you are thankful for right now.  Look around your house.  Think of your kids or your spouse or love.  Reminisce about somewhere you’ve been and you were having fun.  Take an inventory about your job or career.  Think about your friends, family and pets.


Let your mind and heart wander for just a moment until you find that thing, anything, that makes you feel good.  Imagine it in your mind and let it flow through your heart and into your body.


Close your eyes if you like and then write these things down somewhere like a journal or a notebook if you like. Do this everyday and you will find your joy, your every day joy.  After a while, it will become a habit.  Sounds crazy, but it’s true.


And if you get to feeling that joy and happiness are missing again, just do this exercise again and again.


Your joy and happiness is there, right within your reach!!! 

And….I want you to find your joy and happiness!


Finding my Joy


Today whilst in the midst of moving, I found a bunch of shoes that I haven’t worn or seen in years. (Yeah, yeah, I am a packrat and I totally and completely love and accept myself)


As I was unpacking them, I felt a sudden sense of joy because shoes, especially these shoes, reminded me of a time when I would get dressed up and go dancing or out somewhere fancy.  I also remember buying the shoes and why I picked out each pair.  Some of them are high heeled and sexy, other ones are casual wedge sandals.  I even found my converse sneakers that I have been searching for since I moved here!


Oh the joy!  It was almost like Christmas finding all of those shoes. I am so thankful and happy that I found those shoes!


Of course, I did pack up some to go to charity because they are out of fashion and I just cannot see myself wearing them again, but still……I feel joy that they are going to a new and better home with someone who will wear them and love them.


So today on my list of things I am thankful for and that bring me joy and make me happy is the box of old and forgotten shoes that I found and will wear again someday, and the shoes that I am gifting to charity so that they might find new homes with people who will wear them and love them as I did once.


What’s do you have to be joyful and happy and grateful for today?


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