The Great De-Cluttering of 2015

The Great De-Cluttering of 2015 has commenced.

boxes and totes from the great purge

For nearly three weeks now, I have been going through my closets, digging through boxes that have not been opened in three years, sorting and bagging and boxing up things I have collected and held on to for what seems like an eternity in preparation for my move West back to the Land of Enchantment.


Cleaning and organizing is not my favorite thing to do, but so far this time, it’s  been an interesting and cathartic process.


I have found treasures and things I don’t remember buying. Happy and sad emotions have engulfed me every single time I’ve emptied a box.


So that’s how it’s been going…….box by box and tote by tote and closet by closet……picking and sorting….organizing and cleaning…..


Cleaning out this condo in this massive effort has got me thinking about The Law of Attraction, energy and emotions. Everything we touch and own.  All of the things we surround ourselves with, we attracted to our life in some way.


And while going through it all, I keep feeling the energies that these things, my things contain.  Everything contains energy, vibrating on different frequencies…


And I brought it here so I claim responsibility for it.  All of it.


all of the clothes, shoes, fabric, yarn and what the fuck junk….and stuff I have no idea how it got here…


I attracted these things into my life with my thoughts, feelings and actions.


So here’s the low down: At some point, I wanted these things. Or maybe I didn’t know what I wanted so the Universe decided to surround me with these things in my home because I was unclear about what I wanted for myself and my life.


Now I am going through it all.  I’m getting very clear about what I want.  I know what I want.  My vision is as clear as the blue sky on a sunny day.


I want to be surrounded by beautiful and new things which make me happy.


And you should too.


My advice today is to go open a box or closet and clean it out.  Purge from your home and life anything that makes you feel bad or reminds you of an unhappy or sad time.  Donate it to charity, throw it away or sell it on E-bay.


Keep things that make you happy or feel good.  Surround yourself with things that you love and treasure.  You’ll be surprised when the things you’ve let go are gone and how the entire energy of your home will shift and feel lighter and happier.


That’s all I got for today.  I still have more to clean, de-clutter and purge before the big move.



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