How to Handle the Unexpected

How to Handle the Unexpected

I’ve been home a month and what a month it’s been. Between packing up and driving across the country, coming home to a mess of epic proportions, reconnecting with old friends and my family, it’s been somewhat overwhelming, but good.


Did everything happen as planned or how I expected them to go?




Some things went very splendidly and how I expected them to go. Some things…..not so much….


So how do we handle ourselves when things don’t always go our way or turn out the way we expected them to?


1. Let go of our expectation
2. Acknowledge the present
3. Remember to be thankful
4. Find the positive


First thing to do when things don’t go as expected is to let go of whatever expectation you had regarding the event or situation. Set it free. Forget about it. Ruminating on how it isn’t how you expected is just going to frustrate or upset you.


I had to practice this a lot last month when I moved. I knew my house needed work, but I was not expecting it to be as bad as it was. As a result, I had to let it go. Let go of my expectation.


Secondly, acknowledge what is really happening or happened and be in that moment.
I know, sounds hokey, but it works.


When I moved back here to New Mexico to my house last month, I found that if I said ‘this is how it is’ when I walked around the house, it was much better for me than being upset that things were not how they had been before or how I had been expecting them to be when I moved back.


Thirdly, do not forget to be thankful! Yes, it’s easy to get disappointed when things don’t go our way or aren’t how we expect them to be, BUT we have to remember to be thankful for what they are right now. Look around your life or whatever situation you are in and be thankful for it. Things could be worse.


And finally, find the positive in the situation. So things didn’t go the way you wanted. Oh well…look around. What is good about what did happen?


For me with the house situation, my anchoring positive thought was ‘hey, at least I had a house to come back to! He didn’t burn it to the ground!’ ha ha….



4 thoughts on “How to Handle the Unexpected

  1. This is so true! We are in the midst of moving and I’m not 100% stoked on it, but I have to keep telling myself that it’s temporary, it’s the best for our family, and it’s how it is! Finding the Silver Lining and taking a different perspective is always the best choice! Great post!

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