Remember to Have Fun

Remember to Have Fun

Last night I had the pleasure of spending the evening with someone I have not seen in 4 years. What’s interesting too is that I even tried to cancel going out because I had been running around with my mother all day and felt that maybe going out would be too much. My friend wouldn’t let me back out though and off we went. First to have a beer and listen to a band and second, to another restaurant/bar for taco Tuesday.

So I got myself ready and out we went.

And I had fun.


Now what in the heck does this have to do with anything?


Fun is what life is all about and life should be fun, not miserable and shitty.

So how do you have fun all the time or at least the majority of the time?

Well, you do things that you like to do. Things that make you happy and joyful. It’s individual and personal, having fun, but it’s crucial to living a happy, peaceful and joyful life.

For me, it means getting things done that are important to me like my writing and making people laugh. I also like to read, watch movies and dance. I also like to go out to eat and listen to live music. My list of fun things to do goes on and on.

So here’s my recipe for having more fun in your life.

1. Write Out Your Fun List
2. Do One Fun Thing Everyday
3. Share your happiness with the world
4. Be thankful for fun

 Write Out Your Fun List

So simple, so easy and well so fun! Get out a sheet of paper or your journal and write out what you find fun and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter what you write because it’s your list!! Need some help getting started?

Here are some things from my list

Writing 3 pages a day
Listening to music
Going out with friends
Watching a movie
Reading a book
Cooking and baking
Designing clothes and sewing

 Do One Fun Thing Everyday

Again, so fun and so easy, find a little bit of time everyday to do something that’s fun for you. Don’t overthink or go overboard with this one, just find 10 or 20 minutes a day to do one of those things from your above list.


I usually take a break nearly everyday to read part of a book or listen to music. Since I started this practice of including fun in my life regularly, I find that my overall happiness has increased which helps buffer me from the stresses of everyday life.

 Share your happiness with the world

Don’t bottle up your happiness! Share it with others. Write a blog or status update or call a friend and share your happiness with someone! When you are having fun, take pictures. Make a collage of them and share them somewhere.

I tend to take photos when I’m out having fun and I always share them. If that isn’t your thing, find a wait that suits you to share your happiness.

Be Thankful for Fun

Whenever you’ve experienced a good time, be sure to thank who you are with or god or the universe for it. Expressing gratitude will also help to increase your overall happiness whether it’s to someone or your higher power. It’ll also help to bring more happiness and fun into your life through the Law of Attraction.
Today I am really thankful that my dear friend took me out for a night of fun last night. We didn’t do anything fancy, but it was still a good time. We shared some awesome beer and food and it was just great.


So that’s what I got for you today!

 Now go do something fun today!!








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