I’m So Excited I Can’t Even Take a Day Off

Sunday Sunday….supposed to be my ‘day off’ to rest and recuperate and do whatever the fuck I want to do like eat ice cream and watch movie marathons and putter around like a slugs (can slugs putter?)

But I cannot unplug.

I am too goddamn excited.  Too excited, too revved up and full of energy.  Happiness and  excitement surround me and OMG…I just cannot stop working.

Even when I want to.

Even when I have promised myself ONE day off per week


I cannot stop!!


So what’s happened?  Well, I started creating an ecourse a few weeks ago because fuck it, I have learned so many awesome things about creating your own dream life and using the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want  that I have to share them with the world.




And so the creation of the course has been taking over my life and it’s been incredible.  So damn incredible that I cannot STOP!  WTF?

Seriously!  WTF?

I was never like this in a normal job.  Ever.  Even when I was drinking 2 pots or more of coffee a day.  Even when I was on antidepressants.  Even when I would get enough sleep.  I’d go to my shitastic day job and be wiped out by 10 am, ready to nap by noon and devising ways to harm others by 3 pm.


Now, holy shit!  I’m up before dawn and I’m working for hours on end with out breaks.  Without remembering to eat sometimes.  It’s crazy awesome.


Now that is crazy!  Who the hell forgets to eat?


and OMG …The New Course.  Color Your World. Color Mindset Coaching.  Personalized, Easy, Fun To Do.  To learn more, go here and sign up for the wait list  or use the very convenient and snazzy form below to get on that list cause I am soo excited and nutter, I am going to give a discount to the early birds who sign up for the wait list.


For now, I’m going to get back to work.  On Sunday.  My day off….ha ha

Join the Waiting List



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