I Fucked Up

Sometimes I need to be bitch slapped.


I fucked up. Like ROYALLY fucked up.


Last weekend, I made an assumption about something and then I wrote something from my heart as a result of that assumption. I asked for advice and well, someone got hurt. Very hurt. I won’t go into the details here, but it was bad and I was reminded all too well of why I shouldn’t act on any assumption.


And that assumption I made…


It was wrong. So bloody wrong.


I should not have reacted like I did.


I feel terrible. Terrible that I could do such a thing, such a simple and seemingly innocuous thing that turns out was a pretty big thing.


I also feel I owe an apology not just to the person I made the assumption about, but one to all of the people that I dragged into it.   There are no excuses for what I did.


Yes, here I am. I have egg on my face. I am sorry.


Sometimes I don’t even realize what an asshole I am being until it is too late. I can apologize, but what’s done is done.


All I can do is apologize, learn from my mistake and make today better than yesterday.


That’s all any of us can do when we fuck up.


Learn from the mistake.

Apologize if it’s appropriate.

Make today better than yesterday

Forgive ourselves.


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