Here’s a bit of information about this site and me, it’s creator, Tobi Camilli.

First let me introduce myself.  My name is Tobi and throughout my life, what I like to call ‘my adventures’, I’ve worn many different hats and experienced many vastly different things in my relatively short life.  I have to say that it’s been a lot of fun,  full of ups and downs, good times, bad times and every time in between.

Anyway, a few years ago I discovered the Law of Attraction which changed my life and set me on a journey to learn as much as I could about it and the other Laws of The Universe.

I won’t go into detail here because that’s what I teach here and in my books.

So here’s the deal and what I know without a doubt: Our lives don’t  have to be miserable.  We can have exactly what we want.  We can create and forge our own destiny using not just the Law of Attraction, but ALL of the Laws of the Universe. We can live our lives on our own terms.  A wonderful, fabulous, fun life that you fall in  love.  A life that’s like a dream.

I call it ‘A Dream Created Life’.

So what is a dream created life exactly?

Well it’s a life…your life, created first in your dreams and fueled by your thoughts, feelings and actions together with the Laws of the Universe.

And the best part?

Anyone can do this…even you!

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Never stop dreaming!