Who is Tobi?

Hi My name is Tobi and boy, do I have a story to tell you

My life wasn’t always like it is now.

In fact, you could definitely say my life used to be extremely different than it is now.


See, I used to believe life was supposed to be hard and challenging and a constant uphill battle. I believed you had to work hard for everything and maybe, just maybe, if you played your cards right and lived your life a certain way, then you might et to enjoy some success and get to live a happy life. Maybe. You had to be lucky and work hard though and it was not easy. Life was not easy. Nothing was easy. In fact, I used to believe life wasn’t supposed to be easy, but was meant to be hard and difficult.


I spent years being jealous, angry and resentful of other people’s success and happiness. I figured they were just born lucky and unfortunately, I was not. I wondered what made them so different, so special they got everything they ever wanted so easily like money, success, nice homes and cars, and fun. Their lives were fun and full of happiness. I desperately wanted what they had: fun, happiness, joy, and an easy happy life, free from convention and difficulty.


I also spent many years doing stuff to make other people happy. Finding happiness on my own terms and living out my dreams was completely out of the question. For example, I got married under pressure so I would fit in and be accepted by my friends and family. I so desperately wanted to fit in and be loved. I eventually went back to school and I studied a field, microbiology, which I was somewhat interested in, but wasn’t super impassioned about. Microbiology, while impressive and challenging, wasn’t one of my dreams and I only finished my degree to do just that: impress other people and to prove I wasn’t stupid. Once I finished my degree at the ripe old age of 30, I found myself working in a career doing a job I really detested.


For many years, I went about my day-to-day life in a sort of fog like a zombie. You know the people I am talking about. They show up at work everyday, but they aren’t really there. They are like zombies. If you’ve ever watched “Joe vs The Volcano”, in the opening sequence, the workers are all headed into the factory. They are in a line as they head into work with their heads hung low and their feet barely shuffling their way towards the front door. The whole scene is gray except for this one little flower which has sprung up between the cracks of the pavement. One of these workers steps on that sweet little flower because they don’t even see it. Those workers are in a trance, drudging their way to work. Those are the people I am talking about. The modern day work zombie.


For a long time, I was one of them, and I hated it. I hated my life. I was always wondering about my life. For years, I wondered. Would my life always be like this? Did I have to be a zombie? Would my life always be dull and boring and drab and shitty like scene from “Joe vs The Volcano”? I daydreamed constantly about what my life would be like ‘if only’ I was born lucky, or I was thinner or smarter or prettier or taller or had more money or something. Anything really…..


I was extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with my life I knew I had to do something it. But what was I going to do? What in the hell could I do? Should I stay in the laboratory? Should I start my own business? Should I go back to school? What should I do? In those days, I had no idea what would happen, but something had to change. I had to change and my life had to change. I started to seek out other possibilities and opportunities. It was like I went on a soul searching mission to figure out what I could to to make myself and my life better and happier.


Eventually, I gave myself permission to dream again. I started to listen to my heart and my intuition. I nurtured my inner child and let her take the reigns on occasion because as a little kid and I believed I could do anything and be anything I wanted. I sought out things bring me joy and happiness and I continue to do to this day.


And as I changed, my life changed. I started to learn and tweak my life according to what I learned about the Law of Attraction. Little by little and bit by bit with some focused effort, things in my life started to change. I was happier and more full of joy.


I left my job in the laboratory to start my own business and start writing. I’m no longer one of the modern day zombies. I wake up with passion and joy and I can’t wait for the next adventure. I sleep better and I feel better. I spend most of my days writing and chilling out with my cats. It’s so much fun! Granted, I’m still learning as I go along, but overall, my former insurmountable struggle and belief that life has to be hard and shitty and sucky is gone. Completely gone. I am living my dream created life!


And you know what is super cool?

You too can live a dream created life!


I’m not kidding! I am totally serious!! You are probably shaking your head and thinking I am a complete nutter which is fine. Think what you want to think.


I totally believe with my heart and my soul you too can have and live your very own dream created life.




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