It’s in The Plan

It’s been a busy month to stay the least over here. Busy and fun. I turned 43, my living room is nearly finished and I’m back to writing everyday again.


Now the month is over and it’s time to close out November and get ready for December and all the frivolity that only comes this time of the year. I’m not a huge Christmas fan, but I do like this time of year. I love it cause I like to look back at the following 11 months and see what I’ve accomplished and experienced, good and bad. I also love it because it’s the time of the year that I spend dreaming up my big dreams and goals for the year ahead.


Now it’s interesting that I didn’t always do that, plan. I have always been a sort of fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of gal, flitting from one project to another, one job to another or whatever. I guess I am a bit like a butterfly in that respect.


But anyway…..planning. I used to hate it. Now I can’t live with out planning.


Planning and setting goals is sooo important. I always thought that it was enough to have my goals and plans in my head. It wasn’t enough though because I never got shit done. I would accomplish some things, but other things would get forgotten and well….that’s no fun.


So that’s where I am at today. Planning my December. Working on a huge project at the time that involves creating a planner for 2016 that I can use throughout the year (and will eventually be selling), writing a book, and working on the house. It’s a beautiful thing and


It’s in the plan!

What’s in your plan today? Do you have one? How do you feel about planning and goal setting?


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