Jump Up & Shine!: An Interview with Petra Monaco

One of the best things I love about my life and business is that I meet some of the most amazing women from one of the business forums I belong to.  One of these women is Petra Monaco.  She’s a life coach and the creator of Jump Up and Shine, her latest program to help anyone blast through whatever may be holding them back and start living a life of their own creation.

On Saturday, Petra and I talked about what’s been blocking my path to greater success with my business.  In just one half hour session, she gave me some very good simple ideas to use everyday to help me achieve both my personal and business goals.  I have to say that she’s a great coach and recommend her and her programs to anyone that wants to have more success and happiness in their life.  So without further adieu, let’s hear what Petra has to say!

What is Jump Up and Shine?

Jump Up and Shine my new coaching program that will help you to

  • Stop struggling with life and get clear on what you want and why
  • Harness your personal power clearing what is getting in the way
  • Open and explore your self-care regimen and define your support
  • Get ready to take action, step into your greatness and shine

What is your background?

I have a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I have always loved the idea of owning a business and when my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, I knew that entrepreneurial ship was on the horizon for me.

Petra Monaco, Life Coach and Creator of Jump Up and Shine!

What inspired you to create Jump Up and Shine?

Jump Up and Shine is based on my own experience on how I define what I want in life, why I want it and then clear the road blocks to get there. I include self-care and support system, because the reality is we can’t always do it alone.

How did you get into life coaching?

Years ago I watched the TV Show “Starting Over” and I was inspired to do this but had put it off as I was dealing with my son’s health and other personal challenges such as divorce and single parenting. I began work as a therapist and continued to engage in self-growth and my own personal development and through various instances noticed that I was no longer aligned with my job. I remembered life coaching as an option and delved in.

What is being a coach like?

It is absolutely exciting to watch someone get on the road of going after their dream and achieving them. I get to be a cheerleader, mentor, guide and support system for women who believe that they can achieve their dreams just need some help.

What sort of services do you offer your clients?

I offer my Jump Up & Shine program which is a 1:1 program but also additional 1:1 coaching with Discovery Sessions and Transformation Sessions.

Jump Up and Shine!
Jump Up and Shine!

What do you hope your clients feel after a coaching session?

I want my clients to feel like they are participating in an energetic party that is filled with laughter and excitement.

What is your favorite/best client story?

I have one client who used the word eventually pretty much in most of our conversations. One day I challenged her to not use this word any more. She was able to transform her thinking and create her website noting that the word eventually actually held her back.

How can my readers find you?

I can be found at www.petramonaco.com or they can connect with me on Facebook

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

I am also a social media manager at Unusual Bits, another business of mine in which I help small business manage their social media. And I am an Artist at Hippie’s Creations in which I sell my crochet, wood burnings and wood paintings.

Petra Monaco –
Author &Life Coach www.petramonaco.com
Artist  www.hippiescreations.com
Creative Manager www.unusualbits.com

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