It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

It’s never to late to start over.


It’s early again and I’m up at the crack of dawn, drinking some hot tea, doing some laundry and writing. It feels so good to be writing again. So what do I have to say today?


It’s never too late to start over.


As I walk around my home and think about how drastically my life has changed in the past week, I realize that it’s really never too late to start over. You may think that it is in your mind, but it really isn’t.


You can always start over.


If you don’t like your job, you can get another one and start over.

Don’t like the business you are in, you can close it, open a new one and start over.

Unhappy where you live, you can pack your things, move somewhere new and start over.

If you don’t like your friends, you can ditch them, make new friends and start over.

If you don’t like the colors of the walls in your home, you can pick out new colors, paint and start over.


You can pretty much start over anything in your life if you are just willing to take that first critical and crucial step, make some changes and start over.


Think about this for a minute. You have one life to live. One. It’s your life and you can choose to live it however you want. If you aren’t happy, then what’s the point? Maybe you need to stop doing what you are doing and start doing the things that make you happy.


Life is to short to spend time doing things that don’t bring you joy and happiness. No matter what is happening in your life right now, you have the choice and the power to change and to start over.


It’s never too late to start over.


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