Silence is Not an Option

It’s Thursday morning, nearly 8 am and I’m working on finishing up building Color Your Dream.  I’m super excited because it’s almost done and ready for y’all. Woo hoo!  So  I thought  it would take me at least 2 weeks to write it up and build it, but alas, when your hair is on fire and you get a motivational bug up your ass, things get done much quicker than you can possibly imagine.


Simply put, nothing is more motivating than when you have something to say and share, and you just cannot keep it inside of yourself any longer.


Keeping quiet?’ll find none of that here.


Silencing my  voice?  Hell no!  I got something to say and share so I’m going to get it out there.


Am I  bottling up what I got to say and keeping it hidden from the world?  Not anymore!  I’m letting it all out there.


I’m done being quiet. I’m done keeping things to myself.  I have spent too many years silencing my voice out of fear.  Fear of what people might say about me. Fear of being criticized.  Fear of being fired or written up at my shitty jobs.


I kept quiet all that time because that is what I was taught.  I was told that I needed to keep my opinions, joy, happiness, intelligence and humor to myself if I wanted to ‘fit in’ or excel at my jobs or be successful.  I dumbed myself down, agreed with and sometimes did things that I knew were wrong or unethical, and kept quiet too many damn times to count.


Now, silence is not an option for me.


And it shouldn’t be for you either.


You don’t have to silence your voice and sit meekly in the corner though you have things you want to share.  You don’t have to ‘bite your tongue’ (I hate that phrase cause if you’ve ever bitten your tongue, it sucks and hurts a lot) and hold in whatever it is that you want to say.  You don’t have to be quiet.


You have something to say.  I know you do.  Everyone does.

So say something.


Write it down.

Make a video.

Make an audio.

Just say it.

Silence is not an option anymore.

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