Some Thoughts About Fear From a Super Bok-Bok Chicken

Some thoughts about fear from a boc-boc chicken

Did you see the size of that chicken?

No really!  Did you?

Probably not, but I am the chicken.  The super big bok bok chicken that is bopping around a big field with no reason or purpose, squawking away at things I need to get done, but am putting off and procrastinating.

So why does this happen?  How can I go from being super confident and productive to being a bok bok super chicken?

One word:



I said it.

I’ll say it again.


I freaking hate it when I get fearful cause really, most of the time whatever I am afraid of usually isn’t even anything real like gun to my head or a lion chasing me.  Seriously!

Fear paralyzes me, distracts me and turns me into a big fat bok bok chicken who scurries away and doesn’t get the things that need to get done, done….and I can be really good at being a chicken.

So mm…how do I deal with my fear? How do I feel my fear and still get shit done?

Well, first of all, I acknowledge it.  I say “Hello, Fear.  How are you today? I hope you are doing fine.” Then I offer it a cup of tea.

Then, I let myself feel it.  Like really feel it in my skin and bones.

I know that people will say that fear should be banished, but I don’t think it does.  I believe we need to give ourselves permission to feel it and let it be. It’s part of who we are. Eventually, using love, kindness and dream energized action, I ask it to leave once it’s sat down and had it’s cup of tea.

The next part of dealing with fear involves action.  Dream energized action. I move forward and get to work.  Some of the things I do are small things.  Some are more monumental. The point is that I get into action and I do something!! It may seem forced at first, but eventually the fear lessens and  dissipates like fog does in the sun. I always feel so good when that happens and I swear, it gets easier each time to move forward and get shit done despite feeling fear.

Jump into dream energized action!

For me, my dream energized action takes different shapes. Sometimes that means spending an hour or two writing a blog or working on my book.  Last week, despite a shitload of fear and many bok bok super chicken moments, I wrote a bunch of emails to people I wanted to interview for my latest article.  Other times, I reach out and ask for help and support in one of the forums I belong to.

The point is, it’s ok to have fear and  be a bok bok chicken for a moment.  Fear shows up in all of our lives. If you allow it to just chill for time with a bit of permission,  it will leave once you’ve chosen to jump into dream inspired action.

So if you are feeling like a super bok bok chicken, don’t fret!  It’s only temporary!  Find something, even ONE thing that you can work on today with dream energized action.

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