Soulful Energies: An Interview with Ruby Toad

Lately, I’ve been talking and writing about listening to your heart and staying in touch with your soul.  I suppose that since I’ve been on this kick, the universe has been bringing people into my life who are on a similar journey like mine.  One of those precious souls is Ruby Toad.  She’s the owner and creator of Soulful Energies and she very graciously let me interview her.

Soulful Energies:  An Interview With Ruby Toad


What is Soulful Energies?

Ruby Toad Soulful Energies is a breathing space. It’s a place to step out of the chaos and rush of daily life and rediscover your divine inner nature. It’s about finding your own voice, heart and truth by creating stillness and ease in your day to day life.

What is your background?

I’m a gifted intuitive and empath and have been my whole life. I didn’t understand this when I was a child which lead to a great deal of confusion! Imagine being a child and knowing adults are hurting inside but having them tell you they are fine, or imagine seeing spirits and not knowing what they are. I spent a great deal of time wandering around our farm, connecting with nature and animals trying to figure out what was wrong with me. My search for understanding lead me on an interesting journey. I became a Reiki Master, a Certified Crystal Healer and am a Modern Mystic. I’ve done intuitive readings, healings, meditation classes, various workshops and speaking engagements and am currently doing yoga teacher training. I’m a lifelong learner! All of this is wrapped up into my life coaching service now. One big beautiful bundle of skills and knowledge for my clients to draw from.



What inspired you to create Soulful Energies?

It’s a funny story. I was doing my thing; lots of learning, inner seeking and personal journey sort of stuff. I have of course always shared my knowledge with my friends and those random strangers that always appear in my life at the right time to benefit from whatever words I have to offer. Friends also make great guinea pigs when you need to practice your reiki or crystal healing! It was when three different friends, in the same week, lectured me about not sharing my skills more and not valuing how much my healing helps people and asked why I was hiding in my basement when I should be sharing my gifts with the world that I started thinking about creating my own business. It was a good kick in the ass to get going so to speak!

What is your goal with Soulful Energies?

My basic goal is to help people find some peace. Whether that’s through letting go of past trauma, helping them discover who they really are and what makes them happy, giving them permission and confidence to lead a life that fills them up or helping them reconnect with and chase their dreams, my role is to help them find the ease and grace to get there.

My big big goal is to bring spirituality back into daily life. People have this idea that spirituality has to be time consuming and woo-woo or it’s only for special occasions. Spirituality can be simple and practical and is a powerful tool for dealing with daily challenges and struggles. It’s also as unique as the person tapping into it and that’s the magic of it.



Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is curious, open minded and ready to create change in their life!


What sort of services do you offer your clients?

In essence, I offer life coaching and spiritual mentoring, mostly around healing, personal growth and moving through transition. And, all of my skills and knowledge are available to my coaching clients as needed. They get intuitive readings, distance healing, crystal work and personalized guidance for re- connecting with their divine inner nature all wrapped up with face to face, soul-deep conversations and coaching. Think straight talk, playful exploration, thoughtful reflection and giant leaps forward with the occasional ass kicking if needed.

What is your favorite/best client story?

My favorite client story would be having an elderly client of a very old school generation tell me how her life has changed since working with me. She has a lot on her plate so to speak, and just by sharing simple and practical tools with her she has seen a huge shift in her perspective and her ability to manage. Like she said “life is still crazy, but I have the tools now to help myself. I didn’t have those before.” She has hope now and confidence in herself. Seeing her go from always putting everyone else first and feeling guilty for doing anything for herself, to setting healthy boundaries, making her self-care a priority and being able to better manage the demands of her daily life makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

Where can my readers find out more about you and Soulful Energies?

Come on over to Ruby Toad Soulful Energies! It’s my online home and my hope is that you feel a sense of ease and calm as you spend time there.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

I’d love to connect with you all! If you’d like tips on meditation, living with ease and grace, spirituality and random love filled notes from me, please join my mailing list.   Right now I am offering a free copy of my lovely new ebook, 5 Tips for Reconnecting with Yourself just for joining my mailing list.  It’s about simple, practical and powerful practices you can use every day to tap out of the chaos, find breathing room and get back to your divine inner self.

Ruby Toad, Creator and Owner of Soulful Energies

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