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5 Things I Learned Being on the Road

5 Things I Learned Being on the Road Life has unexpected turns now again like I mentioned in my last post, Life is a Rollercoaster and the last few months for me have been no exception. For most of April, I have been on the road with my beloved in a big truck which would Read More

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What’s Your Thing?

What’s Your Thing?   Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook profile:   Anyone out there have a ‘thing’…..something that you would NEVER tell or show anyone ever! We all have our things. One of my most favorite things is my helmet. I own a costume Viking helmet. Sometimes I like to put it on Read More


Find Time to Relax

Finding peace. Feeling relaxed. No matter what we do or how crazy our hectic lives are, whether we work in a normal job or from home for ourselves, finding time to relax and unwind is vitally important to avoid burn out.  Burn out is a real thing and it sucks. Relaxing and unwinding can be Read More