Imagine Your Dreams Coming True

Just imagine all of your dreams coming true.  Seriously, take a moment right now, close your eyes and let your dream flood your consciousness.  Now open your eyes and see how much of your dream is actually part of your reality now. Don’t worry if you struggle with this part cause you can always change it.

Your dream is never out of reach

I found a gem in my email this morning.  My publisher has sent me a proof for the upcoming re-release of my previous books. It may seem like an innocuous event, but for me, it’s a dream come true.

Years ago, I wanted to be a writer. I had stories in my head, but because of the job and career I was in, I always felt that it was improper and downright silly for me to want to be a writer. Microbiology was my career and my life.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Once upon a time, I had a blog back in 2007 which was successful, but I never considered myself a writer. Not a real writer anyway. My mind and heart were closed off to the possibility of being anything else.

Years later when I discovered The Law of Attraction, I decided I needed to go for my dreams on a big level because I wasn’t happy just being a scientist. Becoming and being a writer was part of that dream so I wrote.  I started with one blog and one book. Then I started another blog (this one) and more books.  I wrote e-courses too and sold them. When I moved back to Albuquerque, I was asked to write a script for a movie (several actually) and now…I’m a writer.

Now what does my story have to do with your dream?

Had I not allowed myself to dream my dream, I would have stayed exactly where I was, in the lab.  My businesses and writing career would not exist today. Nothing in my life would have changed and I’d probably still be working in a laboratory somewhere.

The other thing I had to do was get into action which meant writing everyday.  I put myself on a serious schedule and I did just that; I wrote everyday.

All of this all started with my dream.

Now I am celebrating today because I have a publisher and a proof for a book cover. It is a dream come true for me.

I’m still dreaming too. I don’t think I’ll ever stop because I want to share with everyone what I’ve learned along the way. I have another book in the works (announcements will be made closer to the release date).

Now just imagine all your dreams coming true.

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Beer and The Law of Attraction

What does beer have to do with the Law of Attraction? Let me tell you a little story. Recently my boyfriend went back out driving a big ass semi-truck and since he started his latest job, he never knows what he’s going to be hauling.  For the past few weeks since he started the job, we’ve been joking about what he could be potentially carrying in his trailer and it’s always such a thrill and a surprise when we find out. Like could it be toilet paper? Canned soup?  Onions?


We never know and that’s half the fun of this little game we play.


Now we both love the old Smokey and the Bandit movies cause well, we grew up back in the 70’s  and we both have fond memories of them. Of course, given that Renee is a truck driver, hauling beer would be like the ultimate throw back and it would give us a chance to sing “East Bound and Down” to our hearts content. (It’s my favorite song to sing when he’s on the road)


So what in the hell does any of this have to do with

The Law of Attraction?


Well, for the past month or so since he accepted this job, we’ve been joking and talking about him hauling beer.


Yes, beer.


I love beer so I used to say to him, “Hey, wouldn’t it be soo cool if you got to haul some beer!”


He’d always laugh and say, “Hell yes. Hauling beer would be awesome!”


So as the past month rolled by, we both  kept thinking and talking about him getting to chauffeur some kegs or maybe a case or too around. We’d laugh and giggle about it, dreaming about a huge 53ft trailer full of beer. (Can you imagine it?  I can and it makes me happy just thinking about it!)


The point here is that the idea (and my dream) of his truck being full to the max of cases of beer was on our minds and well, it was something we both ‘wanted’ and thought would be super cool if it manifested.


And then it happened.


He ended up hauling beer!


Just this week, his trailer was full of 2100 cases of beer!  Do you have any idea how much beer that is? It’s like 44,000 lbs or…..50,000 bottles!!  Holy fuck…that is more beer than…. Oh, my heart, it fills with joy to imagine it!


Sorry about that. Let me get back on point here since I was knee deep in a crazy fizzy alcohol fueled fantasy….


Now I believe what happened with the beer and my boyfriend illustrates so perfectly how when we are playful and happy, in a good state of mind and vibrating at a high frequency, the Universe responds to us more easily and readily than it does when we are vibrating at a lower frequency.


See, Renee and I were not worrying about how the beer might get loaded onto his truck. We weren’t wishing it would happen, lamenting that he might not get to haul some happy adult beverages or saying stuff like, “OMG, you have to haul beer and always have it in the trailer!!!  If you don’t haul some brews, our lives will be miserable and suck.”


We were just laughing and giggling about it, totally happy and voila!


He gets to haul beer.


The takeaway here is what you say, what you think and how you are feeling ALL has an influence on The Law of Attraction and what you manifest into your life.


When you sit down with your big list of dreams, wants, wishes and desires, do you feel happy or sad?  Is there a sense of lack or a sense of abundance?  Do you have fun with manifesting or does it just seem impossible?


I can’t answer these questions for you. Only you can.


So…have fun dreaming your dreams. Giggle and laugh your way through manifesting everything you want. Don’t worry about the how or the why.  Know that the thing you want is on it’s way.

The Universe loves you.



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Happy New Year! What do you want?

Happy New Year!

Well, we did it, folks! One more year around the sun and we’re all still here!  Happy New Year!! Woo hoo!  Give yourself a pat on the back and get ready for another whirlwind of a ride!  2017 is going to be awesome!  Hell, it already is!

Yay for 2017!

This morning, the love of my life, Renee, wrote in his blog about what he wants in 2017. It was so good that it inspired me to write this blog  and share what it is that I want in 2017.

Now earlier this morning I got out a brand new journal that I’ve been saving for some reason and started my master list of dreams and desires. Yep, it’s a new year, time for a new journal and a new list.

New Year, New Journal

A few years ago, I started to write down what I want everyday and amazingly, most of the things I’ve been putting down in these journals have been coming true.  Yea, it’s a pretty cool thing when you start to manifest what you want. I love that about the Law of Attraction!

Anywho…..what is on my master list for 2017.  What do I want to do?  Who do I want to become?  What do I want to have?  Pretty much everything I want goes into that journal.  Everyday.  Sometimes the list changes a bit, but it’s always there. It’s one of the things I do in my Law of Attraction practice.

So What Do I Want in 2017?

  1. Sell a full length feature screenplay
  2. Write, direct and produce at least 3 short films
  3. Get said films into at least 3 film festivals
  4. Get hired to write for a TV show as a staff writer
  5. Be healthier (and back to my fighting weight)
  6. Finish the house (even the kitchen)
  7. Laugh everyday and make others laugh as well
  8. Travel to the UK and Australia and ?
  9. Fly first class
  10. Pay off all debts
  11. Help as many people as I can live the life of their dreams
  12. Write at least 3 more books and publish them
  13. Get a publishing deal
  14. Launch another podcast
  15. Get into the Screen Actor’s Guild and Producer’s Guild of America
  16. Skydive at least once
  17. Spend everyday in creative flow
  18. Start riding a motorcycle
  19. Get on the stage and do stand up comedy
  20. Live my life to the absolute fullest!

So there you have it. 20 of the things I want to do, be and have in 2017.  I am excited and happy to check off as many of them as I can!  Woo hoo! It’s going to be fun for sure!

So what do you want in the new year?  What’s on your list?


Who’s Driving?

Who’s Driving?

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been on a mission. A mission to create, write, try new things, do more and be more me.


This journey, my journey, is no longer directed by others, but is being lead by my heart. My soul is on fire to share who I am, what I’ve learned and what I know about life, love, humor and all kinds of other wonderful things I’ve picked up along the travels of my life.


I will not hide who I am any longer behind the ‘shoulds, coulds and must do’ bullshit.


My sunshiny blinders are on and I’m back to creating and writing in a way that makes me feel good and happy and joyful. Everyday…every single freaking day!


How did I ever get to such a place?


I don’t know, but I am glad to be here.


Listen to your heart.


Let it do the driving for awhile!


So how do you even begin to do that?


For years, I wondered that myself. Listen to your heart and let it lead you.


But how?


I guess it begins by turning inward a bit and tuning out the cacophony of voices surrounding you. You start by listening first to the whispers of your soul that remind you of who you really are before the world around you herded you into what they thought you should be. You get quiet, and you listen…..


You remember all of the dreams you had as a kid. You know the ones. The ones that you openly shared with anyone who would listen back then.


Everyone believed you and encouraged you to dream back then because it was totally reasonable for a 5 year old to want to be the president, a movie star and an astronaut, ruling the country from outer space whilst making movies at the same time.


At some point, the encouragement stopped and your dreams, suddenly they were ‘unreasonable’, ‘crazy’ or ‘wild’. You were told to grow up and do something reasonable and safe with your life.


You stopped listening to your heart and began to listen to all of the peole around you who told you what you ‘should’ be doing because you had an aptitude for something. You quit trusting yourself and did what they said to do because they promised a life of comfort, safety and financial stability.


But you were never satisfied with that. You looked out the window while at work and wondered “Is this it? Is this my life? Am I always going to be in the office, hospital, laboratory for the rest of my life?” and it made you want to cry and run away.


Maybe it didn’t happen all at once, but eventually and slowly you started to remember all of the dreams you had as a kid. You became quiet and you listened and your heart opened up and reminded you of who you were before the world told you what you needed to be.


As you listened, you started to dream again and believe that there was more to living a life of obligation and expectation. You trusted yourself more and began to shed the chains of the prison you created for yourself by doing what they told you to do because it was ‘safe’.


Eventually after some time of listening, you decided to truly break free because the pain of the role that you took because others told you to became too much to bear and you couldn’t live one more day doing things that you did not like or enjoy.


You drew a line in the sand….


You listened to your heart and let it guide you on your new journey, taking on a new part of your own creation, filled with joy and happiness and heaps of laughter.


The life that you used to have no longer exists for you now.


You’ve become soul driven with a purpose. An awesome fabulous purpose!


And you will not quit or give up on your dreams anymore.


Or try to be someone or something you aren’t.


Those days are long gone


Because you listen to your heart now.

It does the driving.


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Three Rolls Royce and A Penis! AKA What I Attracted to My Life Today

Three Rolls Royce  and a Penis…

Otherwise known as “What I attracted into my life today”…


I didn’t write that (but damn I wish I did!).   My friend, Karen Strunks, did.  I guess she was out and about in London and at some point during her day there were three Rolls Royce cars and a penis.  I was not there so I can only use my imagination and let it go a little wild, all in my head, mind you.


First thing I did was  I laughed and then realized that holy shit, the Law of Attraction IS definitely working for you, Karen! Ha ha.  I told her that I felt that she should write a blog and use that as the headline cause it sure as shit got my attention.  (I cannot stop laughing at this:  Three Rolls Royce and Penis…if I finish this blog, it will be a miracle)



Like how totally amazing, entertaining, beautiful and shocking.



You have left your house. You are walking to get coffee or to buy groceries.  It’s just another ordinary day in your life.  While you are strolling down the street, you look up and on the road you see three very amazing beautiful luxury Rolls Royce cars.  They slow down, stop at the light and continue on their way. They are beautiful and they take your breath away.  As a result, you imagine that you are not on the street watching the Rolls pull away, but you are in the Rolls that is rumbling down the road.


You think to yourself  “I will have one of those one day …or better.”


After watching the Rolls Royce pass you on the road, you are reminded of your big dream.   Maybe the Rolls Royce in some way represents some part of the big dream you want for you life.   You know the dream.  The one that you never told anyone.  The one that you have kept to yourself for years.


You close your eyes. You feel good, happy, yet you are not driving in the Rolls (not yet anyway). When you finally open your eyes again and start to focus,  your attention is drawn to a guy on the either the same side or the other side of the road.


So now what is it your are seeing?  Your eyes focus and refocus and then you realize in a bit of shock.  You wonder if  your eyes may be deceiving you.  Could it really be?  Maybe you shake your head in disbelief and look away quickly only to look back again because it could not have been…  I mean, really? Finally you accept the truth.


You have just been staring at a strangers penis.  An uninvited penis. In public.


Holy fuck! LOOK away! Snicker, snort, and….to quote Monty Python, “Run away!  Run away!”  ha ha ha…


What a fabulous scene this would make in a movie.




I do not know why the Universe does this to us and honestly, I don’t need to know why.


I cannot imagine for one moment that my friend Karen woke up and said to herself, “I’d really like to attract three Rolls Royce and a Penis into my life today.” Knowing Karen, she was probably just out and about, getting coffee, doing a bit of shopping.. and voila! There they were and could not be ignored.


The Universe does that to us.  It brings things into our lives that maybe we don’t even know that we want. Sometimes it likes to shock us out of comfort and familiarity, forcing us to look.  When this happens, it’s a good time to evaluate our lives and dreams.


No matter how the Universe sends us these messages,  because it does and will without fail, it also totally does what we tell it to, be it consciously or subconsciously.   It’s always listening, creating and guiding us.  We can’t see it or hear it ,but it’s always there, silently nudging us towards our dreams and desires, like the three Rolls Royce and a penis!


For example, when I was writing my e-course, Color Your Dream, every fucking where I went I saw rainbows and color. Fucking rainbows, everywhere.  I saw them in the grocery store.  I saw them when I drove to the grocery store.  When I went online, I saw rainbows.  They were bloody everywhere.  Rainbows.  Splashes of color. I love rainbows so this was awesome, but they were freaking everywhere.  I could not escape the rainbows.


When I first started seeing all of these rainbows, I thought it could be a coincidence.  Freaking rainbows. Every where. Rainbows.


But it wasn’t a coincidence.   The Universe was definitely sending me a very clear message of love and support for what I was working on.


So when we think that something is a coincidence, it’s not.


When something happens to us that we just were not expecting yet maybe deep down we totally did want it (and maybe it was subconscious), it’s not a coincidence.


When we are walking about, and the Universe bringing up the lights a little bit and lets us know that what we want is totally within our reach, it’s not a coincidence.


All day, everyday we are sending out messages to the Universe with our thoughts and emotions.  When we dare to dream and hold those dreams in our minds, we are telling the Universe exactly what we want. The best part of this story is we can have what we want for our lives and we can live the life our dreams.


All we need to do is nurture our dreams and desires.  Coax them out of our minds and hearts and let them take flight.  Just like those Rolls Royce and penis, when we let our dreams out of the shadows and let them have their moment in the sun, we are consciously creating our future.  The kind of futures where we can have everything that we want and we get to live our dreams.


So dare to dream! Pay attention to what the Universe is sending you throughout the day.  It’s messages might not be as blatant as three Rolls Royce and a penis, but it is sending you a message.  🙂  If you open your eyes, you will be sure not to miss it!


And remember, your dreams are never out of reach!


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The Universe Is Always Conspiring

The Universe is always conspiring

to bring us exactly what we want. (even if we don’t know what we want all the time)


Today I had the pleasure of a coaching call with Darleen Pinder of Creating Direction. (Check her out, she is awesome). Now, I hadn’t planned this coaching call. In fact, I’ve been so busy with my business, the move back to New Mexico and other shit that having a coaching call was the furthest thing on my mind this morning. I had just brewed my morning cuppa tea and was sitting down to do my normal morning ritual.


So I was perusing one of my many mastermind business groups like I do some mornings, reading posts, commenting, visiting other people’s blogs (and blog stalking as I am wont to do. I have no shame!) and there was this post in Kat Loterzo‘s Daily Ass Kickery Group (if you are a business owner and you need some ass kicking daily, I highly recommend this group). The post had some pictures of some feet and was linked to a blog and under the post was an invitation to join a group of like-minded business women like myself.


I liked the post so much and the feet I thought, “Hmm…looks like a good group to join.” So I joined! I didn’t even click through to read Daleen’s blog!


Within a few minutes, I was talking to the owner of the group and she invited me to have a free coaching session with her.


I thought, “Hmm…sounds good!”


Neither one of us had planned this.


So what in the hell does any of this have to do with the Universe and the Law of Attraction?


Well, I believe that this morning I was attracting, putting out a vibe to the Universe that attracted Daleen’s group and her post to me. When I said “Yes, I want that” to the Universe, it did what it does. It brought me more: The Coaching Call


At it’s simplest, this is the Universe in action.


The Universe is always churning and conspiring to bring us exactly what we want, even if we don’t consciously know what we want. Our wants or desires sometimes emanate from our subconscious.


Call it Pronoia:  Belief that the Universe is always conspiring to support and help you.  (it’s a real thing!!)


Now about the coaching call. I needed that call today. Don’t ask me how  or why I know I needed it.  Just trust me when I say I needed it.


And the Universe made sure that this morning I crossed paths with Daleen and put that spark in my head that prompted me to ask Daleen if we could do the coaching call today.


So I asked.


And we did the call.


I asked for what I wanted, and the Universe gave it to me…nearly instantaneously too. (this is the power of the Law of Attraction)


Now the call, it was amazing.


I needed to connect with Daleen and hear her message and listen to her guidance. I didn’t know it when I woke up this morning, but it was exactly what I needed at this moment in time.


And why it MAY seem like a minute small thing, a coaching call, it’s not.


Not to me anyway.


You might call it coincidence. Or fate. Or divine providence. Or god….call it whatever makes you happy. That call was meant to happen today. We were brought together by the Universe and I couldn’t be more thankful.


So…I thank the Universe for bringing me Daleen and her wisdom and help even when she asked me questions that made me a bit uncomfortable because I didn’t have an answer. Thank you Daleen for listening to me, helping me and taking a bit of your unplanned time this morning to take the call with me.

I’m glad that the Universe was conspiring this morning and brought us together.  I guess I do have pronoia after all.  🙂









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The Creation Space: An Interview with Joanna Hennon

Over here on A Dream Created Life, I really believe that people have the power to change their lives and live their dreams.  I’m super lucky too in that I have found a tribe of people just like me, who believe we have the right to be happy, to live life on our terms and to create a life of happiness and joy.  One of those people is Joanna Hennon, the creator and owner of The Creation Space who I decided to feature on today’s blog.

So let’s get started!

The Creation Space

What is The Creation Space?

The Creation Space is a place to develop the self-love and self-awareness necessary to allow a stronger spiritual connection – to your intuition, your soul, and your spirit guides. I believe that we all have access to the infinite wisdom and possibilities, at soul level. Accessing this wisdom is possible for everyone, we just need to quiet down our minds and practice trusting what comes through. The best way I have found to access soul wisdom is through intuitive creativity, and this is what we do in The Creation Space. I tap into the energy of the group every week to see what blocks, beliefs or attitudes need to be addressed at the collective level so that every individual has the support they need to take another step forward on their path. I then channel a process that will help with that – always something creative, sometimes mandalas, sometimes automatic writing, sometimes journaling, etc. The one constant is that we start each month with a vision board for the month, to get focused and in alignment with the soul level.

Tell me a little bit about your background.

Sure! 🙂 A few years ago I was working in a super stressful job and ended up having a breakdown due to stress and fatigue. My recovery process included sessions with a friend who worked as an intuitive coach, and this led me to an intuitive art program. The program turned out to be so much more than intuitive art, and opened up a world of possibilities for me. This is where I learned to channel, met my guides for the first time, got to know myself at a totally different level, and where I got up the courage to start working with people. Intuitive art changed my whole life, and now I have incorporated it into The Creation Space so that others can benefit from it too.

What inspired you to create The Creation Space?

I wanted to have a way of working with people over a long period of time, and wanted to make this affordable. The Creation Space is the result. The thing with intuitive and personal development work is that it’s every day. It’s not a monthly session with someone, it’s not a once-in-a-while thing. It’s every day and it’s intense. I wanted to support people through that, and to make it fun and gratifying, too. So in The Creation Space we play with oracle cards, with art, with each other. We chat every day in the group (on Facebook) and so we always have the soul connection in mind. This helps create life in a different way.

When I read the description for the Creation Space, I wanted (and still do want) to join because it seems to be a blending of the Law of Attraction, creativity and intuition to create a dream life.  All things that I really love and am connected with as well. How did you come up with the concept of blending these three concepts?

What we do in The Creation Space is what I use to create my own life. I blended these concepts because these are the concepts that I see working over and over again. You need to work with the Law of Attraction to make it easier for yourself to attract more of what you want. And this is isn’t just a matter of thinking positive, it’s more that by being very mindful of what you’re creating around you you’ll get a better understanding of how things work and how you can use the system, so to speak. You also need to get comfortable with your intuition, your inner voice, and learn to trust it. This takes time and practice, and a whole lot of self-awareness. Creativity brings it all together, it’s a tool of getting insights that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to because they’re buried under all the noise of the ego.

Who is your ideal client?

Anyone who’s willing to take action and do the inner work! I don’t do excuses or complaining – yes, sometimes things are hard, but you always have a choice as to how you react to them. You always have the choice to see the lesson, to learn and move on. The people I work with are ready to take responsibility for the lives they are creating, and I love them for their courage.

What do your previous students have to say about The Creation Space?

One of our lovely members said that she has learned more about herself in the past few months than she had over her life until now! This is really the essence of The Creation Space – knowing and understanding yourself in a different way, as a powerful being with purpose.

Another said that it’s a “wonderful small group of like-minded people helping each other discover and uncover themselves and each other’s blocks and strengths through creativity. It’s helped me discover blocks I have always felt but never been able to identify.”

We’re all about the community, we were never meant to go on this journey alone!

What do you hope your students achieve and learn by being a member of the Creation Space?

My intention is for you to become more self-aware of yourself, what you’re creating and how things are playing out around you. This is really the first step to living with soul purpose. Lots of fun things happen during this process, as you open up to your true self and your power. Things shift. Your intuition becomes stronger, you may start working with your Spirit Guides, you may find the courage to start a business, you may find that suddenly perfect opportunities come your way. This stuff is magic! 🙂

Where can my readers find you and the Creation Space on the web?

Head on over to  The Creation Space While you’re on my site you may also want to snag my free course on connecting with intuition – it’ll give you an idea of the kinds of things we do in The Creation Space.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

I really do love chatting about anything linked to spirituality, personal development or business, and you we can do that in the free group I run on Facebook – join us here: You Can Create Your World



Hi! I’m Joanna. I’m a channel for the spirit guides, intuitive creativity guide, soul message interpreter and spiritual teacher. My mission is to show you that you already have all the wisdom you could ever need, at soul level. The trick is to learn to access it and trust it, so that you can tap into it whenever you need to.

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