4 Reasons Why I Love Friday

4 Reasons Why I Love Friday

Today’s Friday. I love Friday’s, but not for the traditional reason you might expect. The majority of people love Friday is because it’s the last day of the week, signaling 2 days off if you work a  regular 9-5 job. Friday for me is a sort of special day, but not for the aforementioned reason.

See, on Friday, I take the day off from my usually scheduled writing and I clean my entire house.

Now I didn’t always clean like I do now. Oh no..in fact, I used to detest cleaning and part of me always will because of the traditional female role as the house keeper (who came up with that silly idea is beyond me, but anyway).  Seriously, I only would clean when I absolutely had to like when my mom or dad was coming over.

At some point in my Law of Attraction studies, I read that having a clear decluttered home actually changes the energy and allows a better flow of positive energy. I didn’t believe that for one minute at the time and as a result, my house stayed a mess.

That was until I had to move 2 years ago. I decided at that point to give decluttering a try since I had too much stuff and I was on a budget for the move.  3500 lbs was all I was allowed to pack so day-by-day, I went through everything in my house and got rid of anything that didn’t serve me or I didn’t love. I wrote about it here in The Great Decluttering of 2015.

Once I moved back to New Mexico, I decided to make this decluttering and cleaning a sort of ritual which I do every week on Friday. I go through my whole house and tackle the worst areas first, then I move on to the not to bad areas and I scrub away.

I’m now a huge believer in cleaning and decluttering.


It Opens Up Energy Channels

Not just for your house, but for you too.  When your house is a mess with stuff from your past or things you don’t really use or care about anymore, it can block your energy flow (and make you feel stuck).  I never understood this concept until I experienced it first hand.

I was raised to be a packrat and to keep EVERYTHING anyone every gave me because 1, it was rude to give or get rid of a gift even if I didn’t like it and 2, I might need that thing one day for something. My house was filled with boxes and bins of stuff that I never used or even looked at for years. As I cleaned and decluttered, I felt a huge shift in energy in my home which I’d never experienced before.  I enjoyed the feeling so much, I got rid of even more stuff I didn’t use or like and wooo….more energy shift and more flow. You gotta love that!

It Invites Inspiration and Creativity

When your home is clean, you’ll find inspiration and creativity show up with ease.

My office is usually the worst space for me when it comes to cleaning because in being creative, I make messes whether I am writing or painting or sewing.  If there’s a mess in my office, I don’t want to work in there (blocked energy, anyone?) Sometimes I allow too much shit get piled up on my desks because I am working on a project or I get distracted and…

Now I make it a point to get in there and clean because I’ve found when I clean and organize the area, I usually get super inspired to finish projects that I wasn’t keen on working on before.

It Feels Good

Having a clean home feels good, emotionally, physically and spiritually. When you look around at your home and it’s clean and smells nice, it just feels good.

I always feel a sense of accomplishment and ease when I’ve finished cleaning. I sleep better and feel better overall as a result of a big cleaning expenditure.

Manifesting is Easier

One of the best things about cleaning and decluttering is you’ll find it’s easier to manifest what you want. Again, it’s about clearing the negative and blocking energies to allow for positive energies to flow. Like attracts like which is why this works.  Sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Even if you just declutter one area of your house a week, you’ll find manifesting easier.


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Are You an Empath too?

Today the Vietnam Veteran’s of America is coming to pick up the last of the boxes and bags of stuff that I have cleaned out and decluttered from the condo.  They are sitting in a tower in front of the house awaiting the start of a new journey and life.  Soon, very soon, they will be gone.


The Great Decluttering Project of 2015 is over.


Cleaning out the house like I have been the last few weeks has stirred up a lot of energy both external and internal.  While I move stuff around, sort and pack it up, the feeling in the house became very unsettled and murky. As a result and because I am an empath, I have been feeling physically and emotionally unsettled.  Yesterday was one of those days. After purging how I felt through my writing, I’ve woken up today with a sense of peace and calm.


And that’s how it goes.


When we stir up the things around us, we may not realize it, but we are actually stirring up energy..both negative and positive. Old memories of when we bought something or who we were with when we bought it can come up.  Sometimes those memories are good happy memories, sometimes they are sad or bittersweet memories.  The point is though, that we have to raise our awareness to what is going on beyond the physical moving of objects and things.


We cannot control those energies that come up when we shift things around in our life and home, but we can control how we react to them.  We can choose to let them affect us or not.  Sometimes there is so much energy that we become overwhelmed and frustrated or angry very much like I was yesterday.   Maybe we become tired and lethargic as a result of the abundance of energy.


Being an empath, I am extremely sensitive to outside energies from both people and things.  I don’t like crowds for that reason and if I have to be in a group of more than 10 people for an extended amount of time, I have to take mini-breaks away from the group so I can cope and not get overwhelmed.  When it comes to things, I can actually feel the energies from the things especially if they are something that I have bought and brought home, so moving them around always stirs up some sort of emotional response for me.


Are you an empath too?


If you are an empath, you have probably been called ‘sensitive’ or ‘over sensitive’ at some point in your life.  I surely was.  When you are around large groups of people, you probably can feel the emotions of others as if they are your own.


For example, have you ever been to a party and walked in feeling great and in a good mood, only to start talking to some person and suddenly start feeling bad or angry or sad? If that’s happened to you, you’re probably an empath.


Another example would be to be able to tell what sort of mood someone is in when they walk in a room.  I had a boss who would come into work and as soon as she stepped through the door, I could tell if she was feeling good and happy or angry and bad that day.  Didn’t matter if she was smiling or pretending to be in a good mood, I could tell otherwise.


Another thing about being an empath is you need time alone from people.  Not a lot of time, but time alone to be in silence to recharge and purge the energies and emotions of others.  When I used to work in sales all day, talking to people, I used to come home and not answer my phone.  Some of my friends thought I was being rude and avoiding them, but I really wasn’t.  I needed that quiet time alone to recharge.


So are you an empath too?


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The Great De-Cluttering of 2015

The Great De-Cluttering of 2015 has commenced.

boxes and totes from the great purge

For nearly three weeks now, I have been going through my closets, digging through boxes that have not been opened in three years, sorting and bagging and boxing up things I have collected and held on to for what seems like an eternity in preparation for my move West back to the Land of Enchantment.


Cleaning and organizing is not my favorite thing to do, but so far this time, it’s  been an interesting and cathartic process.


I have found treasures.

I have found things that I don’t remember buying.

I have found things that give me the happiest of memories.

I have found things that evoke unhappy memories.


So that’s how it’s been going…….box by box and tote by tote and closet by closet……picking and sorting….organizing and cleaning…..


Cleaning out this condo in this massive effort has got me thinking about The Law of Attraction, energy and emotions. Everything we touch. Everything we own. Everything we surround ourselves with, we attracted to our life in some way.


And while going through it all, I keep feeling the energies that these things, my things contain.  Everything contains energy, vibrating on different frequencies…


And I brought it here so I claim responsibility for it.  All of it.


all of the clothes

and shoes

and fabric

and yarn

and what-the-fuck junk

and stuff I have no idea how it got here…


I attracted these things into my life with my thoughts, feelings and actions.


So here’s the low down: At some point, I wanted these things. Or maybe I didn’t know what I wanted so the Universe decided to surround me with these things in my home because I was unclear about what I wanted for myself and my life.


Now I am going through it all.  I’m getting very clear about what I want.  I know what I want.  My vision is as clear as the blue sky on a sunny day.


I want to be surrounded by beautiful and new things.

I want things that make me happy.

I want things that I want. Things that I have consciously brought into my life.

I don’t want to be surrounded by things that make me unhappy.

I don’t want things that are linked to unhappy times or people from my past.

I don’t want things that clutter my house and therefore, my mind and heart.


And you should too.


My advice today is to go open a box or closet and clean it out.  Purge from your home and life anything that makes you feel bad or reminds you of an unhappy or sad time.  Donate it to charity, throw it away or sell it on E-bay.


Keep things that make you happy or feel good.  Surround yourself with things that you love and treasure.  You’ll be surprised when the things you’ve let go are gone, how the entire energy of your home will shift and feel lighter and happier.


That’s all I got for today.  I still have more to clean, de-clutter and purge before the big move.



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Paint and Color Your World (re-post)

Paint and Color Your World

(even if you aren’t an artist.)


I wrote this article just a few days ago as a guest post on my friend Maria Greene’s Blog.  To read the original post, CLICK HERE!


This is how writer and mindset coach,Tobi Camilli’s, guest post starts. I’m so glad to have her write about color here! I think you will find the post fun and inspiring.


For me, when I think about color, I’m always reminded of my mother and her paintings. Growing up, she was always working on one painting or another. I seriously cannot remember a time when my mother wasn’t painting or teaching others how to paint. Watching her paint always amazed me and still does to this day. Back then, I could spend hours watching her take blank canvases and turn them into amazing works of great art in her little studio.


She’d dip her paintbrush into the water and then swirl it onto her palette among the paints. The paints were the magic yet her palette always held a jumbled mess of blobs of blues and greens, reds, yellows, pinks, purples, some bright, some muted. I always wondered how she picked the colors and knew when they were ready for her canvas, and I was convinced she had some magic power. Her paintbrush was her magic wand.

Shelley Camilli Painting
One of my mother’s paintings from 2005.


I’m still amazed by painters.







How do they know what colors to use?

Why do they pick the colors they do?

When do they know they have mixed the correct color?

How do they decipher the mess on their palette and find the exact right and proper magic color for their painting?


As I’ve gotten older and been studying the Law of Attraction, I realize now that painters and the act of painting actually is the Law of Attraction in action. When a painter starts a painting and they start mixing the colors for it, they have an idea in their head. All paintings begin within the artist’s mind.


They visualize their subject. For my mom, it’s flowers.  She starts to picture the perfect colors for that subject. The perfect blue or orange or red or pink or…?


Once they have the concept they mix the paint, slowly or furiously, and then the magic begins. I believe there is real magic in the action of placing it on the canvas. They express their particular energy through the paint colors.


So what does that mean for the rest of us? What can we learn from artists like my mom?

How can we be like the magic painters and artists and take what’s in our heads and bring it forth into our lives? What do we want? What do we see when we close our eyes and give ourselves permission to dream? What colors do we see or use and how do we mix our paints to color our world even if we aren’t artists?


We start with our own picture. Our picture is our dream.

Shelley Camilli 2015 Copyright
Another one of my mother’s paintings from 2015


What do we want our life to be like?

Where do we live?

Who are we with?

What do we want?

How detailed can we be with our vision? Is our dream blurry?


Take some time and think about that for a minute. Seriously. Close your eyes and let your imagination and spirit guide you.


Second, what do we color our dream with? How do we mix and find the perfect colors of paint?


Since we don’t have paint, we use our thoughts, actions and emotions to color our world.


What we do everyday.

How we behave.

How we live.

What we think.

What we feel.


These are our paints that we use to color our world.


Are we living in a way that supports and nurtures our dream, our picture, our vision? What do we think about everyday? Are those thoughts supportive and nurturing of our vision? These are our paint and the colors we choose and attract into our lives.


I believe we are all artists and creators of our lives. Our lives are our canvas, every one of them unique and beautiful.


We can choose to paint a beautiful life full of fun, happiness, and joy..or the opposite. The colors and paint we use to create our lives are our thoughts, behavior, emotions and commitment to ourselves.


We attract the paint for our unique vision and dream with our thoughts, desires and wants.


So spend some time today with your eyes closed and dream of the perfect picture you want your life to be like. Paint that picture with your actions and thoughts.


We are all artists.


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