How to Handle Your Runaway Emotions

Have you ever had your emotions runaway from you?  One day, everything is fine and you’re feeling great and then boom!  Suddenly its like WTF just happened? Now I feel ….ugh….

Seriously, WTF just happened?

Here’s the deal: When something upsets us and if you’re like me and you’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction, it’s very easy to want to try to shove or banish those types of emotions away. You can’t though and let me explain why.

So the past few weeks have been a gentle reminder for me to feel all my emotions. Usually I feel good about everything in my life and I run around in a state of joy and happiness no matter what the situation.

Last week was not the case. My boyfriend and I found ourselves in a situation which was completely out of our control. See, normally money just magically appears in his bank account at the end of his pay period. It’s been like that for months and well, that’s what happens.

Well he switched jobs and the new one didn’t offer direct deposit, but rather a pay card where his money would be on payday. Now we didn’t think anything about this at all at the time because we assumed (don’t make assumptions) it would be easy for him to transfer the funds to his bank account on payday.

Boy were we wrong. Turns out transferring money or even getting the money off the card ended up being a veritable nightmare. I won’t go into details here, but it was bad.  Really terrible.

Some things are out of our control

Now, during this whole event, I started to feel really angry not just at the company who was holding his money hostage, but the company he works for.  One day last week I was so nauseous that I couldn’t even eat. Another day I had a migraine.

I sometimes have a really hard time expressing how I feel when I’m angry or upset. I don’t like to bring down anyone by sharing these emotions with anyone. As a result of holding back,  I was starting to manifest physical symptoms that were bringing me to my knees.

It wasn’t until earlier this week I realized what was going on and decided to do something about it.

So here’s the deal when you have low vibrating emotions such as anger, fear, and frustration,(aka the runaways.)

How to Handle Your Runaway Emotions

Feel Them!

Shake your fists, cry, or talk to someone such as a friend.  Don’t stuff them away and try to be happy when you’re clearly not!

Express them!

Find a way to express your emotions in a way which isn’t destructive or harmful to yourself or others. Write them down or write a letter to the thing that’s really upset you.  Sometimes I  sit down and write out everything that’s pissed me off about the situation or I write a letter to it. Then I burn the letter.


Yeah, the less woo-woo guru is advocating meditation, but it’s not what you think. If you can take one minute during any sort of emotional episode and reconnect with yourself by just sitting down, closing you eyes and breathing deeply for about a minute, you’ll amazingly feel better.

Know That They Will Pass.

Our feelings are like the tide in a constant state of ebb and flow. Be patient and let them do just that, flow through you like a river. I always find this concept very comforting to me .

Find Five Good Things

Look around in your environment or life and find five good things, right now no matter what you are feeling. If you can do that, you’ll instantly raise your vibration and possibly feel better.


Of all the things on the list, finding five good things is my fave. I love it so much that I’ve written an upcoming book about it because it has single-handedly changed my life so much.  If you’d like to learn more about the book and get a free copy when it comes out, SIGN UP BELOW for my mailing list.

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The Condo In Purgatory

The Condo in Purgatory


I already did some journal writing today, but I’m still fucking frustrated and I don’t know what to do next. Do I write a blog? Do I create a new e-course? A freebie? Do I pack and clean some more? Do I just sit here and wallow in my frustration?


What the fuck am I supposed to do now?


How do I quell my fiery discontent and restlessness?


I wish I was already back in New Mexico and this move was already behind me. I don’t like having to wait for the movers to come. I don’t like having to wait to go to court.  Fact is, I don’t like having to fucking wait for anything. To say that I am fucking impatient would be a massive understatement. I want everything done and taken care of right fucking now. Not tomorrow. Not in an hour. Not in one more fucking minute. I want it done so I can move on and get back some semblance of a fucking routine and normal daily life. I swear, this is like Purgatory.


I am living in the Condo of Purgatory.

I don’t even believe in hell or heaven, but I sure as shit believe in Purgatory.


Anyway….here’s the deal! I am neither here nor there. I’m in fucking between places.  Gah… sucks!  No wonder Dante wrote a whole book about it. Because I am moving in three weeks, where I am right now isn’t where I will be or want to be…and I fucking hate it here.  I’m ready to move now.  Ready to move on and heal from my time here in New England.  Ready to lick my wounds and begin again, only this time with more wisdom and experience and strength.  I want to go NOW!!! Fuck waiting.


I have more important things to do when I get back to New Mexico….and I want to start them  now.


and though I do have things to do here, I don’t give a shit about them. I’m done with this stupid condo and noisy neighbors. What else is there here? Oh yeah… Packing and cleaning. I think I’d rather go to the dentist and get a root canal done with no anesthetic today. Seriously. Yeah, I am soo not in the mood for either of those things. Most of the house is already packed and I am not packing up the rest of it until the week before the movers come. ….so what’s next? What now?


You ever feel like this? Frustrated? Angry? Restless?


Well, fuck….I gotta do something before I go completely bat-shit crazy…….


and I apologize for  not having any nuggets of peaceful zen woo-woo wisdom for you today. You’ll have to find your own just as I have to go find my own.


Thanks for listening to me rant!



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