4 Reasons Why I Love Friday

4 Reasons Why I Love Friday

Today’s Friday. I love Friday’s, but not for the traditional reason you might expect. The majority of people love Friday is because it’s the last day of the week, signaling 2 days off if you work a  regular 9-5 job. Friday for me is a sort of special day, but not for the aforementioned reason.

See, on Friday, I take the day off from my usually scheduled writing and I clean my entire house.

Now I didn’t always clean like I do now. Oh no..in fact, I used to detest cleaning and part of me always will because of the traditional female role as the house keeper (who came up with that silly idea is beyond me, but anyway).  Seriously, I only would clean when I absolutely had to like when my mom or dad was coming over.

At some point in my Law of Attraction studies, I read that having a clear decluttered home actually changes the energy and allows a better flow of positive energy. I didn’t believe that for one minute at the time and as a result, my house stayed a mess.

That was until I had to move 2 years ago. I decided at that point to give decluttering a try since I had too much stuff and I was on a budget for the move.  3500 lbs was all I was allowed to pack so day-by-day, I went through everything in my house and got rid of anything that didn’t serve me or I didn’t love. I wrote about it here in The Great Decluttering of 2015.

Once I moved back to New Mexico, I decided to make this decluttering and cleaning a sort of ritual which I do every week on Friday. I go through my whole house and tackle the worst areas first, then I move on to the not to bad areas and I scrub away.

I’m now a huge believer in cleaning and decluttering.


It Opens Up Energy Channels

Not just for your house, but for you too.  When your house is a mess with stuff from your past or things you don’t really use or care about anymore, it can block your energy flow (and make you feel stuck).  I never understood this concept until I experienced it first hand.

I was raised to be a packrat and to keep EVERYTHING anyone every gave me because 1, it was rude to give or get rid of a gift even if I didn’t like it and 2, I might need that thing one day for something. My house was filled with boxes and bins of stuff that I never used or even looked at for years. As I cleaned and decluttered, I felt a huge shift in energy in my home which I’d never experienced before.  I enjoyed the feeling so much, I got rid of even more stuff I didn’t use or like and wooo….more energy shift and more flow. You gotta love that!

It Invites Inspiration and Creativity

When your home is clean, you’ll find inspiration and creativity show up with ease.

My office is usually the worst space for me when it comes to cleaning because in being creative, I make messes whether I am writing or painting or sewing.  If there’s a mess in my office, I don’t want to work in there (blocked energy, anyone?) Sometimes I allow too much shit get piled up on my desks because I am working on a project or I get distracted and…

Now I make it a point to get in there and clean because I’ve found when I clean and organize the area, I usually get super inspired to finish projects that I wasn’t keen on working on before.

It Feels Good

Having a clean home feels good, emotionally, physically and spiritually. When you look around at your home and it’s clean and smells nice, it just feels good.

I always feel a sense of accomplishment and ease when I’ve finished cleaning. I sleep better and feel better overall as a result of a big cleaning expenditure.

Manifesting is Easier

One of the best things about cleaning and decluttering is you’ll find it’s easier to manifest what you want. Again, it’s about clearing the negative and blocking energies to allow for positive energies to flow. Like attracts like which is why this works.  Sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Even if you just declutter one area of your house a week, you’ll find manifesting easier.


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Rebuilding, Decluttering and Insanity

Rebuilding, Decluttering and Insanity

Today marks the nearly half way point of December. Half way through the month and I have been busy. Busy decluttering and rebuilding my life here in New Mexico.


For those of you that don’t know, when I moved back here in October, I came home to a house that was destroyed and trashed by my younger brother. I had an inkling that the house was in bad shape, but I had no idea how awful it really was until I walked through the front door.


Since that time, my father and I have been working diligently to clean up the mess and restore what was fucked up.


And it’s been work.


Hard, physical and sometimes heartbreaking work, but we are doing it. Every weekend, he shows up and we work on the house.


Like the hardwood floors that all needed to be stripped, sanded and refinished and the walls that all needed to be cleaned, patched and painted.


I love it when it gets done cause it’s so beautiful and clean, but damn, I get tired of working on it. Some days, it makes me sad that my brother cared so little for my house and in some ways it makes me feel that he doesn’t care about me or the rest of the family. Other times when we work on the house, I feel sadness that he is so messed up and I miss the person he used to be. I hope and pray that the sweet boy I grew up with is somewhere there buried within the horrific and destructive person who destroyed my home. And then there are the feelings of happiness I get when we finish something like the floors and walls and it looks so great and awesome.


I think the term for this cacophony of feelings is insanity.


Anyway….so there is the house. From the destruction, she is being rebuilt.


Then there is my life in the boxes. The boxes from oh-so-long ago, like 15+ years, of my stuff that I never really unpacked when I bought the house because back then they just were not a priority. Now, I’ve started to go through them.


I am calling this the great decluttering part 2 of 2015. It’s the end of the year and well, I had no idea what was even in many of the boxes because they’ve been packed up for so long.


Going through them so far has stirred up a bunch of emotions for me too.


Yay! More insanity!


The big questions that keep coming up are “Why did I keep some of the things I kept all these years? What stuff do I keep now? How can I free myself from being such a packrat? Maybe I should just accept that I am a packrat and love myself anyway.”


So my former life in boxes. Some of them are filled with wondrous memories and love. Others, not so much….but I am going through them, sorting and keeping some things that I really love and giving away other things that just do not serve me or that I do not like.
So I’ve been busy.  Busy and insane. I am nearly done writing another book and I am writing out my plans for next year. My office is nearly finished and once I get my new desk, I will be moving into that room and turning it into my sacred space for creativity and awesomeness.


So that’s where I am at today. Decluttering, rebuilding and insanity.


What are you up to?


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Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the small things.


So I know I keep writing about my house, but I can’t help it cause it’s such a source wisdom lately! Yesterday, I learned something from it again.


A few weeks ago, we had a bit of a cold snap here in Albuquerque. Not cold like New England cold, but cold enough that I could see my breath when I exhaled while still in the house. Of course, my heater wasn’t turned on yet and well given the state of the house and the fact that my brother had installed the heater…well, let’s just say that I was wary about firing it up.


So I called one HVAC contractor who came out, took one look at the heater and after a bit of convincing, fired it up anyway. When the blower came on, the bloody thing started to make a banging noise so the tech shut it off and and told me that I needed an entire new heating system and ductwork to the tune of about 12k.


I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry since it seems like every time I turn around there is some other thing that needs to be fixed to replaced thanks to my brother.


Yes, those are coffee cans!


Of course, I did what I always do and decided to find the funny in the situation. I posted the above photo on my Facebook account last week on Halloween as a ha-ha check out my haunted horror of a heater complete with creepy coffee can vents.


Then I got a message.


From a friend that I went to middle school with.


He is an HVAC contractor and wondered if he could come look at my heater.


After hearing what I did from the other contractor, I was like, ‘YES, please do!!’


So he came over yesterday, took apart my heater and FIXED IT….yes…..fixed it..


And it didn’t need to be replaced yet!


It’s such a small thing to be happy about. A fixed heater….


But I am thankful.


Thankful that the Universe saw to it that my friend saw that post and that he was able to come over and fix it.


So that’s today’s lesson:


Celebrate the small things. No matter how small or insignificant they may seem.


We are surrounded by blessings everyday. Maybe to other people, they aren’t blessings, but fuck what those people say or think. If it matters to you, celebrate it. Be joyful for those little things that make your life good and happy. Be thankful for every single one of those blessings.


And celebrate the small things.


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I Do Not Control The Universe

No, I do not control the universe!!

*But damn I wish I did!


aka: What I learned from a leaky roof this morning

So this morning I woke up to the lovely sound of rain, pitter patting on the roof and the windows. Rain here in the desert is so rare and delicious and I was very happy to wake up to that sound. Since it’s fall, it was a bit chilly so I made myself a lovely cup of coffee and sat down to get started writing and creating since that’s what I do.


Then I heard it.


Water….dripping, loudly from somewhere in the house.


Drip, drip, drip…….drip….drip, drip…….


I thought maybe I didn’t turn off the faucet in the kitchen or bathroom cause I do that sometimes. (I have no shame!!)


Now the rain was pouring down at this point and the dripping was getting louder.


At first I thought I was imagining that sound, that maybe I was going crazy so I went on a mission. No fucking way was I imagining it! I had to find where the dripping water was coming from!!


Then I found it!


It was dripping down from the ceiling in the middle bedroom!!!


I had another one of my ‘WHAT THE FUCK!!???’ moments. (I have these nearly everyday since I’ve moved back to New Mexico, btw)


So…oh, no…oh yes, oh no….What the fuck!!!???


The truth of the situation then dawned on me like a 2 x 4 to the head: my roof has a leak and of course, I have no ladders with which to climb into the attic and assess the damage.


I could feel my anger rising in my blood.


How and why was this not taken care of and why am I having to deal with it now?


Because I do.


I am here. This is my house and I have to deal with it.


I wanted to scream and yell. Shake my fist at my brother, the rain, the leak, the water dripping from the ceiling…


Then I had this urge to cry and sob because I can’t wave a magic wand and fix it instantly….




I do not control the Universe, therefore, I do not control the weather or the roof or anything really.


BUT I can control how I react. I can, by golly, control that!!


So I made an executive decision that in lieu of climbing in the attic, I would get out ‘Mojlnir’, my trusted hammer and assess the damage and leak from inside the house. I started to hit the ceiling with Mojlnir and tear down what I could of the wet and dripping drywall.  I was thinking that at some point I was going to get hit with a flood of water and dry wall and who knows what else.   Thankfully, that didn’t happen though I did put one hell of a hole in the ceiling.  It turned out that the leak isn’t as bad as I imagined in my head. Most things aren’t as bad as we imagine them in our heads, right?


Putting that huge hole also helped to demo the portion of the ceiling that was 1. already damaged from before and 2. has to be replaced anyway.


The rain stopped shortly after I did my demolition and now I’m making green chile stew for lunch. It’s a beautiful thing!


So what’s the lesson here?


1. We cannot control the Universe
2. We can, however, control how we react to things
3. Things are not usually as bad as they seem



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