How to Handle Your Runaway Emotions

Have you ever had your emotions runaway from you?  One day, everything is fine and you’re feeling great and then boom!  Suddenly its like WTF just happened? Now I feel ….ugh….

Seriously, WTF just happened?

Here’s the deal: When something upsets us and if you’re like me and you’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction, it’s very easy to want to try to shove or banish those types of emotions away. You can’t though and let me explain why.

So the past few weeks have been a gentle reminder for me to feel all my emotions. Usually I feel good about everything in my life and I run around in a state of joy and happiness no matter what the situation.

Last week was not the case. My boyfriend and I found ourselves in a situation which was completely out of our control. See, normally money just magically appears in his bank account at the end of his pay period. It’s been like that for months and well, that’s what happens.

Well he switched jobs and the new one didn’t offer direct deposit, but rather a pay card where his money would be on payday. Now we didn’t think anything about this at all at the time because we assumed (don’t make assumptions) it would be easy for him to transfer the funds to his bank account on payday.

Boy were we wrong. Turns out transferring money or even getting the money off the card ended up being a veritable nightmare. I won’t go into details here, but it was bad.  Really terrible.

Some things are out of our control

Now, during this whole event, I started to feel really angry not just at the company who was holding his money hostage, but the company he works for.  One day last week I was so nauseous that I couldn’t even eat. Another day I had a migraine.

I sometimes have a really hard time expressing how I feel when I’m angry or upset. I don’t like to bring down anyone by sharing these emotions with anyone. As a result of holding back,  I was starting to manifest physical symptoms that were bringing me to my knees.

It wasn’t until earlier this week I realized what was going on and decided to do something about it.

So here’s the deal when you have low vibrating emotions such as anger, fear, and frustration,(aka the runaways.)

How to Handle Your Runaway Emotions

Feel Them!

Shake your fists, cry, or talk to someone such as a friend.  Don’t stuff them away and try to be happy when you’re clearly not!

Express them!

Find a way to express your emotions in a way which isn’t destructive or harmful to yourself or others. Write them down or write a letter to the thing that’s really upset you.  Sometimes I  sit down and write out everything that’s pissed me off about the situation or I write a letter to it. Then I burn the letter.


Yeah, the less woo-woo guru is advocating meditation, but it’s not what you think. If you can take one minute during any sort of emotional episode and reconnect with yourself by just sitting down, closing you eyes and breathing deeply for about a minute, you’ll amazingly feel better.

Know That They Will Pass.

Our feelings are like the tide in a constant state of ebb and flow. Be patient and let them do just that, flow through you like a river. I always find this concept very comforting to me .

Find Five Good Things

Look around in your environment or life and find five good things, right now no matter what you are feeling. If you can do that, you’ll instantly raise your vibration and possibly feel better.


Of all the things on the list, finding five good things is my fave. I love it so much that I’ve written an upcoming book about it because it has single-handedly changed my life so much.  If you’d like to learn more about the book and get a free copy when it comes out, SIGN UP BELOW for my mailing list.

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Yes, Life IS like a Roller Coaster

Have you ever been on a roller coaster?  I bet you have. So have I and I gotta say this using a very over used cliche’ …..

Life is like a roller coaster.


Sometimes you gotta wait and be patient just like that big hill at the beginning of the roller coaster. You know the one. The whole car clicks it’s way up, up, up and you’re just waiting for it to stop cause you know you’re going to be hurled down the hill into who knows what. Maybe the car drops 30 feet only to rise up again on another hill.  Sometimes the car lurches from side-to-side in tight turns that jerk your whole body to and fro.  The car could also go in a loop-de-loop and the horizon turns upside down  and you get to see the world from an all wonky new perspective.


You can’t really know what you’re going to experience until you step into that car and strap yourself in.


What you do know though is that you’re going to have fun. You aren’t in control and you may not know what is going to happen next, but it’s ok. .


And that’s what life feels like sometimes.


Since moving back to Albuquerque and many other times in my life, there have been ups and downs and twists and turns along the way which I never would have imagined. I love my life and am grateful for all the crazy stuff I have experienced along the way. I’m glad my life is like a roller coaster.


So here’s the deal: We don’t know what our lives are going to bring.  We can plan, but really, we can’t know for certain.


For example, recently, I’ve been planning on going on the road with R. in the truck for an adventure. I’ve been looking so forward to this, packing and planning and getting myself all ready to go. I even bought these crazy funnel things that…..  ha ha…(I’ll share that story on my other blog Adventures of a Curly Girl)


Anyway, a couple of days ago, one of my cats started to act funny.  Not bad funny, but not like himself which has me concerned.  I’ve been keeping an eye on him and so far, so good, but if he’s not totally back to his usual awesome cat self by the time R. leaves, then I will stay home with him until he recuperates.


And there it is…just like a roller coaster with an unexpected turn. I may not be getting on the road with R. as soon as I had hoped. It’s ok though.

Life IS a roller coaster.

Might as well enjoy the ride!



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Beer and The Law of Attraction

What does beer have to do with the Law of Attraction? Let me tell you a little story. Recently my boyfriend went back out driving a big ass semi-truck and since he started his latest job, he never knows what he’s going to be hauling.  For the past few weeks since he started the job, we’ve been joking about what he could be potentially carrying in his trailer and it’s always such a thrill and a surprise when we find out. Like could it be toilet paper? Canned soup?  Onions?


We never know and that’s half the fun of this little game we play.


Now we both love the old Smokey and the Bandit movies cause well, we grew up back in the 70’s  and we both have fond memories of them. Of course, given that Renee is a truck driver, hauling beer would be like the ultimate throw back and it would give us a chance to sing “East Bound and Down” to our hearts content. (It’s my favorite song to sing when he’s on the road)


So what in the hell does any of this have to do with

The Law of Attraction?


Well, for the past month or so since he accepted this job, we’ve been joking and talking about him hauling beer.


Yes, beer.


I love beer so I used to say to him, “Hey, wouldn’t it be soo cool if you got to haul some beer!”


He’d always laugh and say, “Hell yes. Hauling beer would be awesome!”


So as the past month rolled by, we both  kept thinking and talking about him getting to chauffeur some kegs or maybe a case or too around. We’d laugh and giggle about it, dreaming about a huge 53ft trailer full of beer. (Can you imagine it?  I can and it makes me happy just thinking about it!)


The point here is that the idea (and my dream) of his truck being full to the max of cases of beer was on our minds and well, it was something we both ‘wanted’ and thought would be super cool if it manifested.


And then it happened.


He ended up hauling beer!


Just this week, his trailer was full of 2100 cases of beer!  Do you have any idea how much beer that is? It’s like 44,000 lbs or…..50,000 bottles!!  Holy fuck…that is more beer than…. Oh, my heart, it fills with joy to imagine it!


Sorry about that. Let me get back on point here since I was knee deep in a crazy fizzy alcohol fueled fantasy….


Now I believe what happened with the beer and my boyfriend illustrates so perfectly how when we are playful and happy, in a good state of mind and vibrating at a high frequency, the Universe responds to us more easily and readily than it does when we are vibrating at a lower frequency.


See, Renee and I were not worrying about how the beer might get loaded onto his truck. We weren’t wishing it would happen, lamenting that he might not get to haul some happy adult beverages or saying stuff like, “OMG, you have to haul beer and always have it in the trailer!!!  If you don’t haul some brews, our lives will be miserable and suck.”


We were just laughing and giggling about it, totally happy and voila!


He gets to haul beer.


The takeaway here is what you say, what you think and how you are feeling ALL has an influence on The Law of Attraction and what you manifest into your life.


When you sit down with your big list of dreams, wants, wishes and desires, do you feel happy or sad?  Is there a sense of lack or a sense of abundance?  Do you have fun with manifesting or does it just seem impossible?


I can’t answer these questions for you. Only you can.


So…have fun dreaming your dreams. Giggle and laugh your way through manifesting everything you want. Don’t worry about the how or the why.  Know that the thing you want is on it’s way.

The Universe loves you.



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Celebrate Everything

It’s that time of year again.  The holidays are here and it’s time to gather with friends and family to celebrate.  Celebrate everything. Seriously. Have fun.  Drink the egg nogs, eat the cookies and have yourself a merry time indeed!

It’s party time!!!

That’s what I plan on doing.  December is usually a pretty low key month for me. I tend to be like a bear and hibernate a bit in between all of the holiday hoopla and insanity. I do some writing, but really, I spend more time reflecting back on the past twelve months, celebrating the wins and dissecting the losses.

This December has been no different and when I look back on 2016, all I can say is WOW!  Holy shit!  I did all that this year?

Yep…I did.  I manifested it all.

So What Did I Do All Year?

From e-courses, blogs, two books and countless scripts and screenplays that have yet to be shot and unleashed on the world, it has been a most productive year indeed.  I made a film in 48 hours with some friends of mine for the 48 hour film project and  started a production company, Risa Tortuga Productions.  I also wrote and directed my first ever short film and I have had the honor to help a dear friend bring one of her goals to life in the form of a podcast talk show, Women, Wit and Wine.

So….I sit here in amazement of my life yet again. Happiness and joy floods my heart cause I went for it, wholeheartedly to create and embrace the career that I have always wanted, self employed writer/movie maker. Best part of all of this is I’m  just getting started.  Next year is going to be even more productive. I can’t wait to share it all with you.

I also manifested the love of my life.  Funny how that one popped up when I was least expecting it, but I did at some point earlier this year write down everything that I wanted in a lover/boyfriend and the Universe brought him to me.  (Actually, he had been around for a while, I just needed to recognize and acknowledge him.) He’s so super cool and my best friend which I am super thankful for. He writes a blog too (The Many Sides of Renee) and is getting ready to release a book soon (when I get off my bum and finish editing it…ha ha ha).

Anyway, I digress.

Anything is possible. You just need to believe.  Believe you are worthy. Believe you deserve the thing you desire.  Take action and little steps…..

And celebrate.  Get your party on. Do what makes you happy and revel in it.



Happy Birthday

Holy Shit!

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Where is Your Zen?

Has Your Zen Gone Missing?


I’ve just not been feeling the Zen lately. Yeah, I said it. My woo-woo zen happy-go-lucky spirit has left the building.


See, before I moved back to New Mexico, I was feeling the zen. And the woo-woo. My life was calm, happy and I was able to really get into my creative flow pretty much at will everyday and it was awesome.


Then I moved back to New Mexico. Back into the house that I’ve owned for 10 years. Back to the town I grew up in.


Now, moving, yes, it’s a huge change.


But there is more to my story than just moving across the country.


See, my brother had been living in my house for the past 4 years. Whilst he was living here, he decided that in his methamphetamine induced brilliance to ‘redecorate’ eg. destroy what I had already fixed up and/or sell/give away a bunch of my stuff and ruin whatever he got his hands on. He also let many of his so-called friends live here as well they did whatever they wanted to.


So when I arrived back just a few weeks ago, some of his friends were still living in the house or they had left things behind. Basically, I came home to a huge mess of epic proportions. To say I was upset would be an understatement.


And well, being constantly upset and angry like that, it’s somewhat taken my zen. I didn’t sleep well for the first week back in the house because my brother’s friends kept stopping by at all hours of the night and day. I’m not kidding about that. One of them came by at 4 am. He’s lucky I didn’t shoot him.


Also, it’s been very hard to find the zen when I look around and see all of the shit that I have to fix now as a result of my brother. From holes in the walls and doors, broken windows, gouged floors, broken trim and what not, I see these things and it makes me instantly angry. I’d like to kick my brother’s ass to be honest.


So where is the zen in that? There isn’t any zen in that.


Now before I left MA, I had all of these plans in my head for my writing and business, but since getting back, I’ve been struggling to even do a bit of writing because it comes out sooo angry and laced with venom. How dare I call myself a Law of Attraction coach or self-help guru zen writer when I am filled with angry and negative thoughts?


Basically, my writing and creative flow has been diminished since I got back. At this point, I have to change what I am doing so I can get my zen back cause I don’t like living like I have been.


So here’s my plan to get my woo-woo Zen back:


1. Have a Morning routine
2. Daily Meditation
3. Daily Tapping
4. Forgiveness


Have a Morning Routine

All a morning routine is what you do when you first wake up in the morning. It’s important because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. When you get up and do things that you love and are important to you, you feel better and therefore, have a better day overall. I didn’t realize how important and grounding a morning routine had on my life until it wasn’t there anymore as a result of moving.


See, before moving, I’d get up, do some yoga stretches, drink my tea, and get started writing. Since moving back, I haven’t had a morning routine at all cause things have been so fucked up. It’s time to get back to having a morning routine.


Daily Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in lotus position for hours on end. Meditation is just a bit of time that you take out of your day to sit, be calm and breathe. You can use a guided meditation or not. It’s your choice.


Before moving, I was meditating 5 minutes before I would write something creative. It’s time for me to add this back into my life.


Daily Tapping

Tapping is another great way to help calm ourselves down and find our zen. Basically, you tap on meridian points on your face and head while making statements about shit that is bothering you. There are tons of videos on Youtube to help you get started. Brad Yates is my favorite.  Here’s one of his fabulous videos to get your started tapping.


Again, tapping was something that I was doing nearly every day before I moved and needs to get added back to my daily morning routine.



This is a biggy, but is so important. Practicing forgiveness everyday to people who have harmed or hurt us, frees us from negativity and anger. To do this everyday, you just say either outloud or in your mind, “I forgive you” when they pop into your head. With a bit of time, you’ll find your heart is lighter and your zen will return.


I’ve not been doing this at all which is probably why I’ve been so full of resentment and anger lately. It’s time to get rid of that shit once and for all so forgiveness is going to be added to my daily morning practice.


So if you’re not feeling the woo-woo zen like me, try the techniques I’ve listed above. Life is too short to live it in anger and resentment.


Now go find your zen!


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Remember to Have Fun

Last night I had the pleasure of spending the evening with someone I have not seen in 4 years. What’s interesting too is that I even tried to cancel going out because I had been running around with my mother all day and felt that maybe going out would be too much. My friend wouldn’t let me back out though and off we went. First to have a beer and listen to a band and second, to another restaurant/bar for taco Tuesday.


So I got myself ready and out we went.


And I had fun.



Now what in the heck does this have to do with anything?




Fun is what life is all about and life should be fun, not miserable and shitty.


So how do you have fun all the time or at least the majority of the time?


Well, you do things that you like to do. Things that make you happy and joyful. It’s individual and personal, having fun, but it’s crucial to living a happy, peaceful and joyful life.


For me, it means getting things done that are important to me like my writing and making people laugh. I also like to read, watch movies and dance. I also like to go out to eat and listen to live music. My list of fun things to do goes on and on.


So here’s my recipe for having more fun in your life.


1. Write Out Your Fun List
2. Do One Fun Thing Everyday
3. Share your happiness with the world
4. Be thankful for fun

Write Out Your Fun List

So simple, so easy and well so fun! Get out a sheet of paper or your journal and write out what you find fun and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter what you write because it’s your list!! Need some help getting started?


Here are some things from my list


Writing 3 pages a day
Listening to music
Going out with friends
Watching a movie
Reading a book
Cooking and baking
Designing clothes and sewing

Do One Fun Thing Everyday

Again, so fun and so easy, find a little bit of time everyday to do something that’s fun for you. Don’t overthink or go overboard with this one, just find 10 or 20 minutes a day to do one of those things from your above list.


I usually take a break nearly everyday to read part of a book or listen to music. Since I started this practice of including fun in my life regularily, I find that my overall happiness has increased which helps buffer me from the stresses of everyday life.

Share your happiness with the world

Don’t bottle up your happiness! Share it with others. Write a blog or status update or call a friend and share your happiness with someone! When you are having fun, take pictures. Make a collage of them and share them somewhere.


I tend to take photos when I’m out having fun and I always share them. If that isn’t your thing, find a wait that suits you to share your happiness.


Be Thankful for Fun

Whenever you’ve experienced a good time, be sure to thank who you are with or god or the universe for it. Expressing gratitude will also help to increase your overall happiness whether it’s to someone or your higher power. It’ll also help to bring more happiness and fun into your life through the Law of Attraction.
Today I am really thankful that my dear friend took me out for a night of fun last night. We didn’t do anything fancy, but it was still a good time. We shared some awesome beer and food and it was just great.


So that’s what I got for you today!

Now go do something fun today!!








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Feel good now





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Today, You Have Permission to…

Today, you have permission to feel….


Now fill in the blank.


Throughout this great moving adventure and major changes that are taking place in my life right now, I’ve been feeling quite a few emotions. Some positive and some negative. I’m happy to be going home, but I am sad to be leaving New England. I am happy to get rid of things that no longer serve me, but I feel somewhat sad about letting them go. I am happy that I get to live in my house again, but I am sad about what my brother and his friends have done to it.


And I’m giving myself permission to feel all of these emotions. Yep, you heard me right.


I give myself permission to be both happy and sad.


When we are faced with huge life changes, our emotional landscape can go from being sunny to overcast and rainy..and it can change in a minute or an hour. Being an empath, these massive emotional swings can seem insurmountable and sometimes frightening, but they don’t need to be. Let me explain why.


How would we know what happiness is if we never experienced sadness or grief? How would we know harmony and peace if we’ve never experienced anger and discontent?


We wouldn’t, would we? Life would be dull and drab and downright boring if all we experienced was one emotion or no emotions. Imagine that?


There is a movie called Equilibrium about a society of people who are drugged into what is called equilibrium. Emotions are never expressed and to show any emotion can mean death. Can you imagine? I can’t.


Feelings and emotions are what make being human so….Human. We have to give ourselves permission to feel all of them though. Even the negative ones because with out them, we wouldn’t have the positive ones.


So give yourself permission today to feel whatever it is that you are feeling.


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Overnight Success

Overnight Success

When I’m not writing, I like to watch movies.  Heaps and heaps of movies. They comfort, entertain and inspire me.


Anyway…sometimes I’ll be watching a film and I’ll be so impressed by an actor’s performance that I’ll go to Wikipedia or the Internet Movie Database and look them up cause I want to know what else they’ve been in so I can watch them be awesome in other movies.


And you know what blows my mind almost every time I look one of em up? 


Nearly every single one of them has been performing for years before they catch their breakthrough and become to get recognized.  Call it the 10 years to ‘overnight success’


Here are some great examples:

Jeremy Renner, you know him as Hawkeye in The Avengers, has been acting since the mid-90’s and had his break out and overnight success with The Hurt Locker.  Now he’s one of Hollywood’s most in demand actors.


Jessica Chastain is another one of these overnight successes.  She’s been acting since the mid-2000’s and had her break out in 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty. Now she is finally getting roles worthy of her talent.


Benedict Cumberbatch has been performing since college and working in film and TV since the late 90’s. He had his break out performance and became a household name in 2009 with Sherlock.


Comedian Ken Jeong from The Hangover spent nearly 20 years trying to break into films and tv doing stand-up while also practicing medicine as a physician. Yes, you read that right, 20 years.


Jane Lynch, 53, had been in Hollywood for decades taking small roles on TV and in films like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Role Models, but it wasn’t until she joined the cast of Glee she became a household name.


Alan Rickman studied acting for years but didn’t have his big break through until Die Hard at age 42.  Now we all know him as Snape (and we love him).

And there are many many more overnight success stories like these.


So what can we learn from these ‘overnight successes’?


Number one thing is you’ve gotta follow your passion and do what you love.  I bet if you asked any of the aforementioned actors, they would tell you that they love what they do and cannot imagine not acting, even when they are passed over and rejected for roles.  Even when they have to take a day job to pay the bills.   I imagine they’d also say that it doesn’t feel like work because they love acting so much. .


Another thing that we can learn from these actors is that they refused to give up.  They just kept going even when it was rough. When you follow your passion and heart and really love doing something, giving up isn’t an option.   You simply do not give it up.  Ever. You keep going.  You do not quit.  You keep going.


There is no thing as an overnight success.  Yes, it may look like they were overnight successes,  but were they really?  After working or struggling for 10 years or more, is that really an overnight success?  Um…not really. So getting there may take longer than a year or two.  So what?  If you’re doing something you love, you aren’t going to notice and like I mentioned before, you aren’t going to give up.


You gotta believe in yourself, your talent and have confidence even when no one else does. No matter what anyone says to you or does to you, whether you face criticism or praise, you have to believe in yourself.  Without fail.  Believe in yourself cause you’re fabulous.


You are.  Just like those actors that we all love.  You are fabulous!



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Finding Joy

Finding Joy


I know I keep talking about all this cleaning and packing I’m doing because it’s at the forefront of my life right now and takes up a good portion of my day as a result. I kept telling myself that I would stop writing about it, but I just can’t.


And I also said I would take a day off today from the decluttering, but I just couldn’t help myself on that front either.  I’m still cleaning and decluttering.  I think I might be getting addicted to it…. ha ha…


Truth is,  I’m tired of all this sorting and packing, but it has to get done so I’m doing it.


Which brings me to the subject of joy.  Finding joy.  Living with happiness.


Joy and happiness can be found everyday if you just lift your head up and look around.  Seriously, look around.

Did someone smile at you today?

Did you finish a project?

Did you fit into your ‘skinny’ jeans?

Did you find inspiration from someone or a book or a movie?

Did you listen to some music that makes your heart sing and soothes your soul?

What makes you joyful and happy? 


Here’s an exercise that can help you find the joy and happiness in your life even though it may seem like there isn’t any and you are caught in a shit storm of sadness, anger or unhappiness.


Take 5 minutes and write down everything you are thankful for right now.  Look around your house.  Think of your kids or your spouse or lover.  Think about somewhere you’ve been and you were having fun. Think about your job or career.  Think about your friends and your family. Think about your pets.


Let your mind and heart wander for just a moment until you find that thing, anything, that makes you feel good.  Imagine it in your mind and let it flow through your heart and into your body.


Close your eyes if you like and then write these things down somewhere like a journal or a notebook if you like. Do this everyday and you will find your joy, your every day joy.  After a while, it will become a habit.  Sounds crazy, but it’s true.


And if you get to feeling that joy and happiness are missing again, just do this exercise again and again.


Your joy and happiness is there, right within your reach!!! 

And….I want you to find your joy and happiness!


Finding my Joy


Today whilst in the midst of moving, I found a bunch of shoes that I haven’t worn or seen in years. (Yeah, yeah, I am a packrat and I totally and completely love and accept myself)


As I was unpacking them, I felt a sudden sense of joy because shoes, especially these shoes, reminded me of a time when I would get dressed up and go dancing or out somewhere fancy.  I also remember buying the shoes and why I picked out each pair.  Some of them are high heeled and sexy, other ones are casual wedge sandals.  I even found my converse sneakers that I have been searching for since I moved here!


Oh the joy!  It was almost like Christmas finding all of those shoes. I am so thankful and happy that I found those shoes!


Of course, I did pack up some to go to charity because they are out of fashion and I just cannot see myself wearing them again, but still……I feel joy that they are going to a new and better home with someone who will wear them and love them.


So today on my list of things I am thankful for and that bring me joy and make me happy is the box of old and forgotten shoes that I found and will wear again someday, and the shoes that I am gifting to charity so that they might find new homes with people who will wear them and love them as I did once.


What’s do you have to be joyful and happy and grateful for today?


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