3 Reasons Why I Love Monday

In my last post, I talked about why I love Friday. As a follow up to that, I thought this post was appropriate. 3 reasons why I love Monday.


It’s the start of the week and I’m sitting here in my office with sparkles in my eyes.  Yeah, corny I know, but absolutely true. Monday is one of my favorite days of the week because the possibilities are endless for the week. I work from home and after the weekend has ended, Monday signals the beginning of my work week and as a result, I end up working more on Monday than I do any other day of the week.


Here’s why I love Monday (and why you should too)

Monday is #1


Not in the sense that it won a race and came in first, but it is the first day of the new week.  Think about it as a new beginning cause it is. Businesses reopen. Everyone is rested from the weekend. It’s #1! I love Monday because I always get so much done after slacking around all weekend and having fun.


It’s a great time to start projects


If you’ve spent your weekend partying or resting, Monday is the day to begin a new project. I usually start scripts or chapters of books on Monday because it’s when I’m the most rested and usually raring to go. The first day of the week is my powerhouse day for writing so I take advantage of it whenever I can.


It’s a great day to look forward


Not only is it a great day to start a project, it’s a great day to make plans for your week or month or whatever. The start of the week is when I chart out my week of writing and other work related duties.  I sometimes like to figure out what I’m going to do for the weekend too. Planning usually takes up a good chunk of my time on Monday and I look forward to it every week. I make plans to write, work out and do what I need to do to keep my life and business in order.


So that’s why I love Monday.


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How Did I Get Here

How did I get here?


I used to wonder if I got ‘here’ by accident or if it was my own doing.


And ‘here’…where is ‘here’ exactly?


Well, ‘here’ is my home. My house, in my office with the computer, surrounded by two of my cats who insist on ‘helping’ me work (eg walking about on my desk, sitting on my mouse pad and staring at me while I type).


‘Here’ means other things as well.


I now work for myself creating and doing what I want to do.


I no longer punch a clock every day and work in a lab. I don’t spend all day on the phone chasing leads and pitching strangers. I also do not walk around a sales floor, chatting with customers to help them find what they need in the shop.


‘Here’ is freedom.

‘Here’ is openness.

‘Here’ is mine.


See, just over two years ago, my journey to ‘here’ really began when I found myself unemployed again and struggling to understand how in the hell I managed to get myself fired….again. I was a good employee. I had skills and did a good job, yet I was no longer wanted. I was labeled trouble and sent on my way.


Truth is though, I never liked that job or the people I worked for or with so really, it was a blessing to get fired.


Yes, I hated my job….


Now what does that have to do with ‘here’…..


Well, I felt like I was in a sort of free fall after being let go….a ‘what the fuck do I do now with my life?’ now sort of place.


And I had questions….Why did this happen again? What part did I play? What did I do wrong and right? How can I make my life better in the future? And so forth and so on….


As I sought to answer those questions, I discovered the Law of Attraction through a movie of all things, ‘ The Secret’ and I wondered……


Could this be the answer? Have I been manifesting all of my life and not knowing it? Bringing things into my life that I didn’t necessarily want (or did I?)


I hated that job and for months would ruminate on getting fired….
then it happened!


When I made that connection, it was like someone opened the dark clouds and the sun shone directly on me.


So what did I do next?


I studied, I learned. I applied what I learned about the Law of Attraction.


And now, well I’m ‘here’…..


When I look back over the past 2 years, I have manifested so many awesome things in my life. Things that I never would have thought possible back when I was still punching a clock.


For example:


I haven’t had a regular job in over 2 years.
I work from home.
I work for myself.
I set my schedule.
Money shows up when I need it.
I create and write and do what I want to do.
I study and am trying to learn as much as I can.


I live the Law of Attraction!


And you can too!


You can create your own ‘here’, whatever that may be. It’s your life.


Where are you? Do you like where you are?


If you aren’t happy with your ‘here’, learn how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in my latest e-course, Dream It! Feel It! Have It!




Go With The Flow!

Go with the flow!

You ever feel like you are pushing and pulling in your life? Following systems, doing what others say you HAVE to do to achieve your dreams and have success? Are you trying to force something to happen your life or business?


Just stop. Stop what you are doing and go with the flow!



YOUR flow
YOUR rhythm!


Tune the others out and listen to your heart and find your own flow.


Lately I have been feeling very irritated.  Bugged. Annoyed.


When I get online and start working, I am fine as long as I stay off of social media meaning, I have to stay off of the internet.  When I get on social media, I get distracted and start reading other people’s shit. No matter where I go online, I see crap like this!


“Don’t stop! Don’t give up! Be yourself!  Stay plugged in!  Do the work!  Stop whining! Work until your fingers bleed! Give up everything and work work work!!  Ignore your life/family/friends! If you want to be successful, you have to [fill in the blank]”


And I am fucking sick of it!




Because if I wanted to work 18 hours a day, I would have stayed in the laboratory where I had to clock in and out everyday, be on call and give of myself all of the time even when I didn’t want to.




I left that life behind and the reason I choose to work from home and for myself is so that I don’t have to work 18 hours a day, 70 hours a week or more.


Just because I do not work all day, take a day off now and again and seek balance in my business and my life does not mean I am not dedicated or do not want to be successful.


I am dedicated.  Very dedicated to my writing. Very dedicated to helping others.


I work everyday and I do take time off . Now I don’t necessarily publish all that I write, but I am here, every day.


I strive to live a balanced and happy life, one in which my business is a part of, but not the ONLY thing I do.


So what’s with me getting so annoyed by the shit online that I keep reading and why in the hell do I keep reading it when it bothers me?


Because I let it and because I keep reading it like an idiot!




I am taking responsibility for my actions and feelings and getting annoyed by other people’s advice is my fault.
So today I am choosing something different!


Fuck what they have to say! Fuck what they are doing! Seriously!


I have my own flow, my own rhythm and I run my business and my life how I see fit.


Go with the flow….your flow…whatever it may be!








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Big Plans, Big Launch, Big Fears?

I’ve been up since 3 AM.  Yep, you read that right. Three O’fucking clock in the morning.


I didn’t go back to sleep cause I couldn’t.  I had to start working.


Writing, building, editing, creating… It’s taken over my brain and my life.


I have big plans for this ecourse, Color Your Dream.  And right now I’m in action, getting all the happy parts and activities written so that you, my dear reader, can join me on this crazy happy fun and color filled journey.


It’s so much fun, but I needed a break to get something off of my chest.


Launching this course is BIG deal to me.  A really big deal.  And there it is. This ecourse means a lot to me.  I want people to like it.  I want them to like me. I want to share it with as many people as I can and to help as many people as I can.  Writing it up has been a joy and a pleasure and I cannot remember the last time I ever gave myself so completely and worked so ‘hard’ at something. I’m having the time of  my life, all wrapped up creating it and I’m having a good time….


And then it strikes me.


It sneaks in like a thief in the night.


Silencing me.

I feel it creep into my solar plexus.  My shoulders tighten up. My stomach grumbles.


My big fears start to creep in and decide to throw a party when I’m not looking.  Fuckers didn’t even invite me!  Hrrmmph……

I have to silence them before they get out of control.


So the ‘what if’s’ they show up first to the party and flood my brain with thoughts like….


What if people don’t like me? What if they don’t like my website? What if they don’t like my ecourse?  What if they don’t buy it?  What if….what if…what if?


and then the ‘I should’s’ take over. They piss me off with thoughts like..

I should probably change the course.  I should write more, edit more, make it fancier, make it more complicated.  Maybe I should wait and do more research and …  Maybe I should just give up cause this is silly and stupid and…..

REALLY?  What a load of shit!!!


Finally, the OMG’s, the late arrivals to the party.  They are the worst of the party crashers!


OMG, what in the fuck am I doing?  OMG, have I lost my mind?  OMG, do I even know what the hell it is that I am doing?  OMG, how do I do this?  OMG, I haven’t a damn clue what I am doing.


SO…it’s time to deal with these guys, these fears.  I’m crashing their party, calling the cops and kicking them out.

Now, it’s normal to have fear. It’s ok to have fear.  It’s not ok though, to let them control your life and  stop you dead in your tracks. (and throw a party and not invite you!! ha ha)


I’m digging in my toolbox and starting with EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and tapping.


Next thing out of the toolbox will be a short meditation to quiet my mind.


And last, I will do some yoga later….and that will be that!

Bye Bye, Fears!

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Find Time to Relax

Finding peace. Feeling relaxed.

No matter what we do or how crazy our hectic lives are, whether we work in a normal job or from home for ourselves, finding time to relax and unwind is vitally important to avoid burn out.  Burn out is a real thing and it sucks.

Relaxing and unwinding can be as easy as just unplugging yourself from all electronic devices such as the computer and cell phone.  It can also mean spending some time in nature. I’m not saying take a 5 mile hike, but just spend 5 -10 minutes outside, in your back yard or go to a park. Other things  can do to relax is to listen to some music or read a book. You can spend time working on one of your hobbies too. Finding ways to relax and wind down are personal so there really isn’t one way or the ‘right way’ to do it.  You just gotta do what works for you.

Since I work from home, I set aside a bit of time everyday to unplug and unwind.  I know you are probably thinking, “why do you need to relax?”  Well, believe it or not, working from home while it does have some of the best benefits, can also be very stressful.  For one, I don’t have a boss which is great, but because I don’t have a boss telling me what to do all day, I have to tell myself what to do.  I have to motivate myself and get shit done.  Some days, there are so many things to do like updating websites, writing blogs and other things, that I get overwhelmed and I’ll work for 10 hours and not even realize it.  Oh and if something comes up like a crashed email server, I have to fix it.

I wear many hats.  Did you know that I am the IT department, the marketing department, the creative developer, the CFO, the president, the writer, the editor and the list goes on and on.  And believe it or not, since I started working for myself, I’ve realized that I have to take time out of everyday and unplug from my business.  I time my hours worked, turn off my computer, set my cell phone to vibrate and tune out my business for a little while every day otherwise I turn into a completely crazy person and I get sick. I don’t know about you, but I do not like being sick so everyday once my work is done, I go and do something fun like listen to music, watch a movie, do some yoga or read a book.

The reason I do this is because I’ve learned that my health and well being depends on it.  When I don’t take time out to relax and unwind, I end up burning out and crashing which is never a good thing.  Burn out totally sucks and can lead to a variety of issues like high blood pressure, illnesses like colds and a bunch of other no-so-fun things.

So that’s my message today.  Find a bit of time to relax.  Unplug.  Find some peace. Be well cause you don’t want to burn out!


beautiful day

A Beauty and Love Filled Day

Today is one of those amazing beautiful days here in New England.  The sun is shining, there aren’t any clouds in the sky and the temperature is just right, not too hot nor too cold. I was looking out one of my windows out towards the little creek that runs behind my house, and I saw a young deer drinking from the stream.  It was beautiful. I love days like this because I can open the windows and let the lovely cool breeze flow into the house. It’s a beauty and loved filled day.

beauty and love filled day
A beauty and loved filled day as seen from my back door

I’m working on a new manuscript, putting the finishing touches on it so I can get it out to you, my dear readers.  I love writing and this new book, I’ve written it from my heart about something that I am so passionate about.  I’m excited to finish it because I am excited to publish it so it can help people.

It’s a funny thing, being a writer. I love being a writer. I never knew how much I loved writing until I made the decision to become.  It was a choice and one that I am really glad I made. I’ve always been a writer in my heart, but I never pursued it because I had chosen a particular career path that didn’t support or include being creative or writing.

Now that I’ve left that career behind and since I’ve started practicing the Law of Attraction and made the decision to be a writer, I get to pursue it with relentless fervor, passion and love. I now wake up in the morning with a fire in my heart and a joy for my life that I’ve never had before.  I hope that everyone gets to feel that way when they wake up in the morning and set out to do whatever it is they are going to do.

So with that said, my manuscript is calling. I hope you all have a beautiful, passion and love filled day!