Visionary Art Journaling: An Interview with Maria Greene

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my lovely  friends, Maria Greene,  who is currently offering an e-course on Visionary Art Journaling.  I had no idea what that was so I decided to interview her about it.

Turns out it’s a pretty cool way to get in touch with your inner self though art.

Here’s what she had to say.

Q: I’m curious about Visionary Art Journaling. What is it exactly?

Intuitive, or visionary art journaling is to take a subject, it can be visual or music, or any other object that speaks to your senses. Then you try to define the sensation or inspiration the object invokes in you, and express that via art. It invites endless exploration and is a great way to get unstuck in your art practice.

Art from an art journal
Art from an art journal

Q: What is your background?

I have been involved with art since I was a kid, but my longest career has been as a fiction writer.  Basically, art and writing come from the same source, so the leap from one to the other is not that great, or foreign. I got really serious about pursuing my art in 2003. I also worked as a psychic reader / medium for twenty years (part time) and I understand the workings of intuition, something we all were born with, but rarely develop.

Q: How did you get started with Visionary Art Journaling?

Visionary art journaling is an idea I have been working on for quite a while. I used to offer Soul Collage classes locally where I guided students to make a piece of art solely based on their intuition. Everyone created great art, so even the most timid wanna-be artist  bridged the gap from the “empty canvas” to a layered mixed media piece. It was a sense of great accomplishment and satisfaction for them, and for me. Everyone had fun in the process! The Visionary Art Journaling e-course is basically an extension of what I have taught before, but with more depth since it’s a six week course.

An example of art made through visionary art journaling
Another example of art from a journal

Q: What is a good early story about your experience with Visionary Art Journaling?

A good early story: Mostly women attend the local events, diving into the various girly papers and occasional glitter, but I had this one man, a dentist, who threw himself wholeheartedly into the process and made amazing art. He also came back to the next workshop I taught.

Q: What has Visionary Art Journaling done for you in your life? What has been your best experience with it so far?

Art journaling in general has given me an outlet to express myself daily via art.  I also use it to try new art techniques. It also helps me get clear of what really matters in my life as I get silent and listen within. Basically, life is all about awareness, and the more aware we are in the moment, the more alive we are.  When I first started art journaling in 2009, I made messes on the pages, and wondered if I had gone mad. In a way it is very different from, say, painting on canvas. You express more of your ups and downs rather than an idea or a motif. Art journaling is great therapy in fact.

Q: What makes Visionary Art Journaling unique and stand apart from other journaling techniques?

Visionary art journaling is unique because you start from within and let the moment guide you.  As I make this kind of art I sometimes get deep insights about my current situation, or solutions to problems going on. The art might not be pretty but it anchors what I’m feeling at depth. Normally, we choose an art subject to explore as a visual, but intuitive art is more about expressing “what feels right” or feelings. It can be very abstract but deeply personal.

Q: Why should someone try Visionary Art Journaling?

Anyone who wants to have a deeper yet practical connection to their intuition should try the Visionary Art Journaling e-course and get some tools to use in everyday life. I say intuition gives you a chance to make better choices in life, so if art can open up that door, it’s a good way to grow and explore.

Another example of art from a journal
Another example of art from a journal

Q: What inspired you to create your course on Visionary Art Journaling? What do you hope people will learn from your course?

My e-course pretty much grew out of my past art explorations as a painter and mixed media artist, and the hands-on Soul Collage classes I taught. My intent and goal for the e-course is to help people connect with their own intuition and free their creativity from the constraint of tradition. I can show people tools to keep that connection open, and then it’s for them to practice to get a stronger sense of their inner self.

Q: Do you have a website or blog or anything else that you would like to share with my readers?

Readers can check out my art blog at Greene Earth Originals

To get more information about the e-course, click this link: Visionary Art Journaling

The course starts on June 15 and is $75, but it being offered at $60 until June 5th so don’t miss out!

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