What is a Love Tank?

love tank

Over the weekend, I started reading a new book  by John Gray entitled  “How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have.”  You might know John Gray from his series of Mars and Venus books which are great whether you are in a romantic relationship or not.

Anyway…this book isn’t about relationships like his other books.  It’s about being happy with our lives in the now, wanting and appreciating what we have, and getting what we want in the future.  When I first picked up the book having already read most of his other works, this book seemed like a great departure for Gray considering that most of his other writings focus on relationships.

I was intrigued and interested anyway so I decided to read it.  Just a few chapters in and I love what he has to say about love. He also has this concept of Love Tanks.  Love, he says, is the key to appreciating what you have, be it a job, money, relationship and whatever else you can think of.  He categorizes love into different types as well such as love from god or the spirit, love from parents, love from friends, etc….  and for each love type, there is a corresponding love tank that can only be filled by that type of love. When I first read that, I was visualizing it in my head …love type and love tank. I love the concept of a love tank!

So here’s the deal with the love tanks. When a love tank gets empty, you have to fill it up with the type of love it’s labeled with.  The other thing about these love tanks is that when one of them is empty or low, that’s when we get frustrated, resentful, sad, angry and/or depressed in our lives.  I know that concept is kind of out there, but not really when you think about it.  When we are missing the love from Spirit or God, we feel lost and disconnected with everything and may get depressed or feel lost or stuck.  When our love tank from our peers is empty, we feel disconnected and feel lonely.

Of course, there is much more that he says about these concepts in the book which I highly recommend reading if you are studying the Law of Attraction or are interested in getting more of what you want and wanting what you got.

Now go fill your love tanks!