Who Are You Really? by Susaye Rattigan, PhD

I’m surrounded by the most amazing and inspiring women these days.  Since I started asking the Universe for loving, caring, supportive, kick ass, motivated, inspiring  and amazing women to come into my life, the Universe has not let me down.

For example, in Kat Loterzo‘s Asskickery Group over on Facebook, I commented on someone’s post like I do most days. I love commenting on other people’s stuff that inspires me and makes me feel good and happy.  It’s part of my  ‘normal work day’ (I know, I can’t believe it myself.  Social media is part of my ‘work day’!! Yay!)


So my comment inspired Susaye R to write a separate post in response to my post (Damn, social media is amazing!!).  I loved the post that she wrote so much that I am now publishing it here  to share it with you all because it is just that damn good!

Here’s what Susaye wrote:

Who Are You…Really?

By Susaye Rattigan, PhD of She’s Inspired!

Are you really yourself?

The you that you have talked about and told other people about  I find that most of us are not our real selves.


Are  we really capable of any real self because we have become the amalgamation of everything that we think we need to be or that we have heard will bring us success?


Have we have adopted other people’s energies, tastes, likes, dislikes, mannerisms?


I remember growing up, I was told to pick someone I admired and emulate them. Maybe it was me, but I thought that way for too long. I tried to become that other person. I couldn’t appreciate myself because I wasn’t as quite that other person. I wasn’t as extroverted. I couldn’t tolerate as much BS.


I slowly watched as I lost myself. And daily, I see women who are losing themselves because they have become so disconnected from themselves that now they have zero clue who they are.


It’s painful to live from a place of disconnection.


It is discouraging when you feel like all the choices that you have made and have in front of you are not your own.


Women entrepreneurs run smack into this when it’s time to build a business that feels good to them.


They actually have no clue what they like or what their strengths are. What they have to offer or what’s unique about them. What they prefer, what colors, design, flavors, voice speaks for them.


It boils down to not really knowing who they are at their core.


Reconnecting with your core self (what I call the soul of who you are) has significant power.


It opens the door to immense guidance about what to do and how to be in the world to be satisfied.


Being in touch with your soul will help you to manifest those deep dark desires into reality. It’s not just wishful thinking.


Soul living is what entrepreneurs call alignment.


It results in magnetizing people, resources and events to your life for your growth and success.


It opens doors for you in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine.
Beware of the side-effects though, they can be brutal.


Side effects of soul living include:

1. Making your own flipping decision without worrying too much about what others think.

2. Having your own preferences about what feels good to you.

3. Magnetizing people who love you for you.

4. Letting go of BS when you smell it, without all the hand-wringing and waffling that we know so well. (Ed.note: NO MORE BULLSHIT!!)

5. Ideas for creating bombard you and you feel like there are too many things to do and so little time.

6. You actually love who you are and begin to honor that person. What!!

7. Self-care and connection become a part of your vocabulary.

8. Did I say you no longer tolerate BS already Well here it is again.

Soul living is not for everyone. The truth is it is like living life In technicolor. Not everyone can do it. Everyone should, but not everyone can.

To get to the place where you really and truly are in touch with who you are.
You have to decide that the You who you think you are and have been telling other people about is a…fraud.


The real you is in deep hiding and isn’t it time, she comes out in nothing but stilettos to let everyone know she’s arrived? (Ed.Note:  Hell to the YES!!! Let her out!!!)


I think so too.

This is your life.


Live with all your Soul!!

(Ed.Note:  I could not have said it better myself!  Thank you for sharing this with me and for letting me re-post this, Susaye Rattigan!)








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